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  1. .... For federal workers only. ..................... In exchange for the space force that the military doesn't want
  2. Some aspects of the prescription drug bill are kinda bad Better than the status quo but And
  3. Amazon always knew exactly where they were going. This is a good win. Also goes to show you how willing and eager many are to giving capital billions in public subsidies as quickly as possible
  4. Why can't you just be happy with your $8000 average family healthcare deductible, on top of your $10,000 average in family health insurance premiums, and God knows out of pocket maximums when you likely can't afford a $500 emergency
  5. We should improve society somewhat_yet you live in a society.jpg
  6. Raising taxes on the wealthy can easily be interpreted as fucking over a subset of the population.
  7. Or we can stop playing these bullshit games and tax the fucking wealthy
  8. Can't wait to hear about how we just need "better" isp choices
  9. It's really instructive to remember where police forces in this country largely originate from--brigands of slave catchers
  10. We're safer without cops. Individuals are armed enough (thanks 2A-ers!) to keep themselves 'safe' and insurance companies can fund their own report makers
  11. Lol I do too. Some of these legacy policies will never break even, even with massive rate increases. I've seen some with 7 figure benefits paying only a few hundred dollars a year in premium.
  12. Older policies can go up in premium, pending state approvals, which does happen, but can only be done on entire groups at a time, not on an individuals basis. But even still they're a fucking steal if you've got one. I agree with the rider on life insurance. Some may exit the market for new policy holders, but as long as you pay your premiums, the coverage you have is guaranteed renewable
  13. In addition to American apathy, Our politicians are also more beholden to donors (who, as a rule, don't want the boat rocked at all) than to average voters. Mass protest in this country is ignored at best because there's no threat to the ruling class in any capacity. Another aspect is how tenuous our lives are here. Very little safety net, health insurance for yourself and your family tied to your employer, so one fuckup and you and your family could be in the poor house in no time with one bullshit arrest.
  14. Also to be fair, the French don't live in quite the police state that we do
  15. Get long term care insurance unless you can fully self insure to the tune of a few hundred thousand dollars
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