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  1. If you can't pick a dick out of a lineup of dicks, were you even sexually assaulted?
  2. Executive privilege is a legal fiction and should be abolished
  3. It's just a small percentage! They're not real people or anything!
  4. That last quote has a very "you whipper-snappers don't know anything! Get off my lawn!" Vibe to it
  5. Republicans looooooove democracy democratic republics
  6. If the FDA comes back and says it's unregulated THC vapes doing this, it will be all the pretence needed to crack down on legalization states (but mostly just CA, OR, and WA. Not NV or MI)
  7. So we're going to get Trump's version of the Iran nuclear deal, similar to the USMCA. Same thing but with minor tweaks and Trump claims victory.
  8. I wonder if you have an opinion on that, other than snark.
  9. Oh look, polls for Ohio look better for Trump than they do in Texas
  10. Ohio is only marginally closer in voting than Texas. And those other states were lost by less than 1.25% a lot of which can be directly tied to voter suppression from Republicans, and the increasing urban rural divide
  11. Only 49% def/consider voting for Trump in Texas is a real bad sign. The gun Q's in the link are interesting. A majority of young Texans oppose an assault weapons ban, but older people do, and a slight majority are in favor overall.
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