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  1. So I assume this is just a list of people he knew socially and not (all) kiddie diddlers
  2. Because, and I'm not making this up, Trump couldn't read what was on the teleprompter because of the rain. So he was ad libbing a lot of this. This is Trump and his big brain.
  3. DOJ: give it time so hopefully the dotard will forget. And we get more time. And also discovery is off the table because maybe yes maybe no on trying to re include the question. Also appearing: the trans military ban and the travel ban.
  4. Good thing the hatch act and DOD policy have such sharp teeth to back up their words.
  5. I agree with that. I'm not defending his mocking of an addict. Just stating that addiction is easier to manage for those with means so you can't totally discount their station
  6. They are relevant: like basically everything else, poverty makes these issues more difficult to overcome or even live with.
  7. Rsf means free from legal consequences. Florida man stories put on full display poor people who have mental health and addiction issues, and then get caught by law enforcement, where that may not happen to someone who is wealthier. Addict shaming either way though
  8. My dude here doesn't have a sense of history (but he does have a good point about how the majority leaders of each chamber run the show, and not the other way around, but fails to recognize this as a big reason why people are so disenchanted with the parties, and especially imo with the democratic party)
  9. OJ robbed a pawn shop and was not rich by that point. He was rich when "someone" killed his wife
  10. The sooner we get to the top ~5 candidates the better
  11. Tips to beat the system: 1) be wealthy 2) be white If you don't have #2, #1 might be enough
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