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  1. Boy howdy I bet we have 50 senators who can’t wait to replace her and dontchaknow pence there to break the tie also what was rbgs cause of death? We need a long form death certificate!!!!
  2. Roberts threw out the main enforcement mechanism of the voting rights act because the formula used to decide what states and localities were subject to preclearance was 40 years old, despite the law being renewed by congress nearly unanimously in 2006 and signed into law by the president, only 7 years prior to the case coming before the court. That’s it. That’s the reasoning. the roberts court will absolutely make up whatever they need to in order to advance their version of the conservative agenda. Every conservative member of the court is a federalist society goon, don’t ever forge
  3. To really torture the analogy the uk is definitely the guy who brags, after a particularly nasty divorce, “yeah I kicked the bitch out “ like it’s something to be proud of
  4. The only reason roberts is a swing justice in any sense of the word is because as CJ, when he’s in the majority he decides who writes the opinion for the court. Despite his statements to the contrary, he realizes better than most that the court is a political institution and there are no “balls and strikes” but him slow rolling conservative judicial thought (again, only in some limited cases) to grant “liberal” victories is an apparent “two steps forward, one step back” pattern of his judicial holdings and is more damaging to liberal/left/progressive causes in the long term. I hate to harp on
  5. One is a condition of related money as determined by congress, one is the executive deciding to go it alone. Unless there’s some statutory authority given to the executive that I’m not aware of that allows them to withhold funds without congressional approval due to there being “anarchist jurisdictions” in fact a good faith reading of nfib v seilbius (lol I know) would mean that this is an unconstitutional withholding of funds congress good executive bad it’s not hard folks
  6. I formally apologize for not saying "fuck RBG and her dumbass decision to stay on the court" instead of "fuck RBG" Mistakes were made. I do stand by my (unstated) opinion that she was not even the best woman on the court, let alone justice. Sotomayor takes this, easily.
  7. Would love to know where I'm shitting on her grave. Leaders are complex and should be evaluated as such! Even generally good people should be criticized! No gods, no kings, etc
  8. I'm of the opinion that we should celebrate the good things people do, condemn the bad things, and realize that most people are complex and in general shouldn't be universally celebrated or disregarded as a person.
  9. I'm told I can't criticize a decision she made because I allegedly wasn't impacted by one of her decisions as a judge
  10. You can dislike more than one thing: the system, the past decisions, and the choices we have.
  11. You gonna tell me bill barr has ever held a weapon lmao ok fuckin gottem
  12. Failure to observe the game at play, and plan accordingly, is a failure and should be criticized. It's like if you ran for president and explicitly want to run up the popular vote, ignoring the electoral college entirely. Is the system shit? Yes! Do you still need to play by those rules? Also yes
  13. You can be critical of this decision regardless of her other influence
  14. Part of her legacy is her failure to grapple with her mortality and finding a likely/less risky point to retire rather than risk elections: 2014 midterms, 2016 presidential, 2016 senate elections at minimum. That her entire legal legacy is now in question because of her unwillingness to retire and hand pick a successor doesn't bode well!
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