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  1. Aside from the gross racism, agism, elitism, and classism he's still a gigantic piece of shit
  2. They'll nearly all bend the knee. There's a unicorn whisper's of a difference between the big lie people and your standard Republican anti small d democratic stances
  3. Moderate Republicans (lol) are screwed up and down ballots they're gonna be replaced one by one
  4. Can't wait till she's Trump's running mate in 24 because she keeps getting a mic shoved in her face and her dumb shit is blasted all over
  5. I'm shocked that @Commissar SFLUFAN isn't for proper erosion control as it's part of the reason we got so many Italian immigrants in the US in the early 20th century
  6. It's not dumb if you consider that they should be taxed on unrealized gains
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