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  1. I tend to agree. If there is an October vaccine, I'll wait for the news to continue into December thru February before considering taking that for myself or my family. I'd lean heavy on what Dr Fauci says, and a few other independent experts outside of the US government
  2. That is true. There's still logistical challenges there though. On the tracking systems, yeah there's a change of address process, but how is that going to work for electorial mail? Do the absentee ballots go to a central facility for a given city/county/township/state? Or to the precinct? What do you do with the delayed ballots? Where do they go? Destroy them? Send them to an unauthorized delivery location? Return to sender? Whose ballots do you do this to? All of them? Some? If some then who exactly? What are good precincts and what are bad ones? Where's the list and who compiles it? And who is going to set themselves up to directly violate the letter of the law, hoping for a pardon, to set this in motion on a technical level? Who can test these old systems to make sure they run smoothly, run correctly, or run at all? Who is going to keep their mouth shut over this? Are they willing to risk years in prison on the word of a liar? (Violating a lot of section 1700-ish of title 18 of the US Code) And who's going to do this and get it in place in less than 3 months? I can tell you something this big, even if it only needs to happen in a few states, is a massive if not impossible challenge to pull off in less than 3 months, and many people will start getting ballots next month. A big change in any process at a bloated private company takes months of planning, programming, and testing. Can only imagine this at USPS taking longer.
  3. Unless you're suppressing/delaying all mail, it just won't work for the simple reason that it's a logistical impossibility to find some ~150 million ballots cast over a 2 month period all over the country when according to USPS, they handle ~470 million pieces of mail every single day. Can't even do it based on where the mail is going because as I understand the mail is sorted in urban areas, even for rural delivery.
  4. Goodness Karen, you don't need to be the one to enforce a silly law
  5. Are you talking 6PM or 9PM? One is an issue and the other is not
  6. We also have conflicting ideas of our national mythology. We can't even agree on why our nation exists, or should continue to do so! Add in a healthy dose of climate change to boot and you've got a dangerous mix going. It takes a willful blindness to see things in a Stephen Pinker-esque "things aren't as bad as they seem"
  7. Hyperbolic, sure. But the point is calling the cops risks death on the supposed offender so the bar for calling them should be fairly high, and if you're in the middle of an active crime situation calling them may not be as much help as you would require as they'll probably be too late. In the country cops are too far away, in the city they're busy dealing with other BS
  8. There's really no reason to ever call the cops. If you're in actual danger, they won't be able to help you, and I'm so other situations they'll only make things worse
  9. I mean that's kinda my point. The house has power that is independent of the executive branch, but the house refuses to use said power
  10. I know I don't have any expectations for Nancy & co for oversight, but this would be a good time to use inherent contempt and get this asshole in front of congress to answer questions
  11. He's not wrong, but it's just not safe in almost every place in the US to open up
  12. Now I don't think the books are cooked here, but there's a world of difference between this abomination of an administration and any other in the modern era
  13. Oh that's absolutely the reason. Mind you, if Biden keeps up some moderate face but governs a bit more radically, as the times require, I'll be ok with this. But that one of the most popular and favorably viewed democrats, especially with the left/progressive base, won't be speaking (as just a crumb of a public fig leaf) doesn't put my heart at ease for the next four years.
  14. Wonder if this is relevant when it comes to political advertising on Facebook When was the last time Zuck spoke to anyone in the White House?
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