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  1. When they had the house they got just as much done as the current house--minus the part where the administration ignores subpoenas. Even the Republican house under Obama was more productive and aggressive in oversight.
  2. Canadian Muslims now know what black Virginians went through with governor and Attorney General blackface
  3. I've been told by a leftist friend that "hey if the democrats want to lose by harping on gun control instead of winning on universal healthcare and minimum wage raises then they should go for it"
  4. Republicans would have ignored them just like Trump's tweets.
  5. It's important to have women and LGBT Americans in power, no matter what.
  6. I guess these retards don't see that still being on the hook for $X,000 after you pay your premiums is still not great politics considering, what, half? Of Americans can't really handle a $400 emergency.
  7. Let's not forget this gem where moderates care more about reelection than standing up to the crimes of this administration. "But if he gets acquitted he will gloat on the campaign trail" from impeachment is no different whatsoever than not having an inquiry at all. Effectively what you're telling him, and all future president's, is that everything he's doing is fine. Then there's the very real possibility that the presidential candidate will have different messaging than the house, further throwing your majority into question.
  8. Ok so finally getting to read this article. What a load of bullshit. Policy analysts=political analysts. How to get through the congress is a political question, nothing to do with policy in and of itself. Second, they don't need 60 votes in the Senate if the fillibuster is eliminated or seriously reformed. And the 2/3 of the house thing? What? This is just bad reporting. And finally: what the fuck does "make Obamacare better" even fucking mean?
  9. I get that they're younger than us Millennials, but what is their age range again?
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