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  1. There is simply no compromise with Republicans, they simply won't do it, and recent history shows it. How do these people not fucking get it? The debate is within the democratic party, and requires one part staking a position from the start that isn't in itself compromised. Would a president Bernie veto a bill that lowers the Medicare age, or expands Medicaid significantly? Or one that expands the exchanges while tightening how much the insurance companies have to spend on care and not profits or administration? He wouldn't, and I think his vote for the ACA shows this. He would continue to fight for M4A, as well he should, but barring that he wouldn't deny health insurance to millions in need because it is not perfect. The point of the so called purity tests is what do you want to see as an endgoal? As the M4A example, do you want to see a future where there is no profit in health insurance and health insurance is guaranteed without the need for bullshit bureaucracy regardless of employment? Or one where profit or bureaucracy is largely fine, and the people left bankrupt or out of the system are tragic losses.
  2. Actively courting tea party votes as a Democrat is just lol
  3. Technically speaking, if our big wet president has to go under for a colonoscopy, the speaker of the house should be informed. So if he was incapacitated in any way, or pence was acting president, and she was not informed, I could see another impeachable offence from that
  4. I've been told that 90k in an expensive metro is basically poverty
  5. It is the closest thing to justice that he will face
  6. This isn't some guy who cut you off in traffic, he controls the national bureaucracy and shapes policy for millions.
  7. He's a white Obama without the hope and change and personality
  8. The game is you give a lot of money, and for *a totally unrelated reason* you get a swanky ambassadorship in Western Europe or some stable tropical country. These morons did the quiet part out loud AND IN WRITING so that's why there's trouble.
  9. There is absolutely 0 reason to believe that he is not leveraged to the hilt
  10. He's caused untold suffering to thousands at minimum, and actively works to make the lives of millions of Americans more difficult. To say nothing of poisoning our democracy with his overt authoritarian gestures, and establishing his behavior as normal to a new generation. And on a personal level he personifies every one of the seven deadly sins. Fuck him. Pence isn't as bad because he doesn't, and by virtue of a lack of personality can't, have a cult-like following among the right.
  11. My take too, but I'd be happy if he was deathly ill
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