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  1. Meanwhile, each of the past three months have seen the wettest 12 month period ever recorded, and now there's a tropical storm/hurricane slated to hit Louisiana this weekend and dump a lot more water on an already soaked area.
  2. Taking the property of the rich was far more effective than the Madame
  3. This is somewhat of a chicken and egg problem. People will follow investment in quality public transit, but it needs to be useful and able to feed on network effects.
  4. And specifically to the advantage of rich white folks at the expense of poor people of all colors (but mostly black people of any level of wealth) Take Richmond VA as an example. I-95 went right through the 'Harlem of the South' in Jackson Ward in the 50's for the Richmond-Petersburg turnpike. Then, with these people not really being compensated sufficiently for their losses, public housing was build en masse to give them a place to sleep, giving you one of the largest concentration of public housing on the east coast, which to this day continues to plague the city with crime. (In addition to other 'slum clearing' projects such as razing the Fulton Hill neighborhood) In the 70's they blasted through the working class white neighborhood of Oregon Hill for the downtown expressway, but did not continue to build through wealthy Windsor Farms, even though the highway master plan had this happening. This thread/topic I could go on for a long time so I'll stop now. But like all things in (especially) midcentury US after Jim Crow, it was done to help rich white people at the expense of blacks.
  5. Also McConnell funnels so much pork to the bluegrass state that having him out of power will be a huge issue for the state (something like 20% of gross state product is from the feds; far more than their contribution in taxes)
  6. Twitter won't do anything, and they don't have any obligation to do so. Even as relatively small an issue as this, this is a clear cut case of ignoring the Constitution and the rule of law, and should be impeachable (though I suspect there will be a stay on this ruling pending appeal). That said, we have leadership in place, on both sides of the asile, that says consequences to the rule of law be damned, we're not moving anything towards impeachment (as he's self impeaching ).
  7. But for real though, he's going to defy this court order and there won't be consequences.
  8. Judge Parker has made his decision now let him enforce it.
  9. Work not necessary for survival is great for seniors for mobility and socialization. The real problems come once you physically or mentally can't work (or put on clothes and/or other ADLs)
  10. 1) I think coal miners are starting to see the writing on the wall, even with Trump production is down, and he/the Republican party doesn't care for them outside of campaign photo ops. We can't guarantee jobs at a mine, but we should be able to say "here are good jobs cleaning and repairing water systems/roads/solar install/wind install/etc and we WILL guarantee your health care for you and your family" which is basically what Trump told them, but has not followed through (and his DOJ wants to completely gut the current health care law that does benefit miners) 2) traditional campaign managers/consultants with their fees and everything is pure swamp people. Good riddance. The fact that it really is taking this long for politicians (did Bernie do this too?) To get rid of those with obvious conflicts of interest says a lot about our political system.
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