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  1. Iirc, If you expect taxes to increase by the time you retire, Roth is the way to go. If you expect them to decrease by that time, 401k. So in general: 401k to match -> Roth -> 401k
  2. Basically it's this. But don't compare yourself to others, especially in financial matters. Not everyone starts from the same spot in life. Some get significant help from parents, some luck out (with hard work and intelligence, obviously) in getting good, high paying jobs, and don't have other major hindrances that actively work against them. All you can do is the best you can with the die cast for you, and try and improve upon that from today to the next, even if just a little bit at a time.
  3. Ahh, nothing like a bunch of non-jews proclaiming another non-jew as King of the Jews.
  4. While generally true in the post WWII era, there's not enough data to definitively state this as fact for presidential elections. There is power in incumbency, but this truism just isn't that good.
  5. While they're considering thinking about proposing a modest payroll tax cut, the owners of capital may get a nice executive-driven tax cut.
  6. After reading this, I thought about adding "...and the French Bourbons!" But decided that too clean a fate for these folks.
  7. The only red state democrat that gets dscc/dccc support are vets, regardless of talent. It really shows.
  8. Imagine being so fucking stupid that you think democrats are communists
  9. Looking to keep the sugar high going through 2020 White House officials eyeing payroll tax cut in effort to reverse weakening economy https://wapo.st/2Z5YaFl
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