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  1. Just great. We may be looking at ~1500 deaths per day indefinitely wooo (assuming similar death and transmission patterns as now)
  2. https://www.ft.com/content/97dc7de6-940b-11ea-abcd-371e24b679ed An absolutely damning article on the timeline of what went wrong, and how basically it is majority trumps fault for how our country ended up this way.
  3. For all the armed protestors in a select few state capitals I'm actually kinda surprised they haven't stormed a hospital, since the numbers are fake and all
  4. The rent is too damn high encompasses so many other things, too; it affects virtually all businesses and people living in urban areas. It's a great slogan, unironically.
  5. Protecting 👏our 👏 seniors 👏
  6. Nixon lost the presidential election in 60, then lost the 62 governor's race in California where he famously said you won't have Nixon to kick around anymore, this was his last press conference. Then ran for president and won
  7. Nixon lost in 60 only to run again and not lose in 68. Obama lost a house race primary to Bobby freaking rush in 2000 and he did "ok" after that Losing isn't the end all be all even today
  8. I'm not getting written up in the daily telegraph or to an audience of 3+ million. Best case a dozen people read my nonsense here.
  9. No it's some computer tech bros, the most insufferable know it alls on the planet, or someone who headed a team with domain expertise that helped lead to the lockdowns, in which tens of thousands still died
  10. Admittedly I didn't read the whole article because I'm not paying for it, but generally this is where domain expertise comes in to determine if the differences are significant. Either way, both in the US and in the UK were looking at massive death tolls and that's with the lockdown so what is the fucking point
  11. Speaking of staying in your lane, behold, more know it all tech bros
  12. I'm not convinced she's all that left, but she does hit several demographic boxes which is apparently so,so much more important than ideology But she was cheated out of her win, though, to be fair, that's what we're up against this year
  13. Hopefully! I'm hoping that the Dems really put their thumb on the scale and do DC, PR, DACA/amnesty for undocumented immigrants, card check unionization, vote by mail, updating and enforcing the civil rights act, expanding or reforming the entire judiciary, and that's before material concerns like healthcare and free college/debt forgiveness and even climate change. Many of these are things republicans wouldn't bat an eye at to repeal, so might as well do them anyway. These structural issues, and others, that keep republicans in power must be repealed Gotta win the Senate and WH though, let alone get the Seinemas and Manchins of the world on board with any of this.
  14. The white house cubic fit model predicted 0 deaths today
  15. Squad: doesn't go far enough, no automatic stabilizers like UI and SNAP automatically triggering more funds when certain conditions are met Spanberger: it's not bipartisan and "goes too far"
  16. Man, you better believe that once this Virginia HSR starts, eventually, I'm gonna spend 2-3 years milking the commute for those sweet, sweet NoVA/DC salaries. One COL calculation I saw put that 124k as the same as 77k here in Richmond.
  17. https://www.foxnews.com/science/covid-cure-california-biopharmaceutical-coronavirus-antibody-breakthrough Fox news exclusive huh
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