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  1. And with that, the human race due to climate inaction! You're welcome everyone!
  2. I'm guessing the second wave really comes from generally younger people just not giving a shit. Also I was listening to Our Fake History podcast about the black death. Back then they had eventually decided upon a 40 day quarantine, as it was discovered that even 30 days was not enough. Really fascinating to learn about.
  3. Finally my memorization of the greek alphabet will pay off
  4. Customer sensitive information. Can become personally identifiable when paired with one or more PII elements, but should not be available for wide viewing. Think customer numbers, login IDs, email address, stuff like that
  5. Even for US citizen data, there are absolutely ways to prevent PII/CSI from being directly requested/transmitted to the PRC. My company is in the process of being aquired by a Chinese firm and without getting into too many details, it's extremely difficult for us to view a single persons PII/CSI, let alone bulk/aggregate PII/CSI, and there are several layers of monitoring and oversight into this by not only our board but by the federal government as well.
  6. These assholes don't even realize that the PR GOP actually is competitive with the Dems but I think dissociation with the mainland party helps them. After statehood, maybe not. That said, PR doesn't need statehood, they need self determination, which may ultimately end up as statehood
  7. We do have the ability to change their data practices, we'd rather just not because it would impact FB, Twitter, google, etc
  8. I'd be concerned with the NC senate numbers but other than that, good polls for Biden and I think Maine is way out of reach for Trump,ME-02 is very close even
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