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  1. Huh, and Virginia is there best state for business as well. Huh. Makes you think.
  2. So I finally decided to do the math here. If you give each state the same number of senators, but give them each 1 rep for every 200k people (rounding up reps, so if a state has a pop of 500k, they get 3 reps), Trump wins the EV 1002 to 759 using 2016 results. If you take the total population and divide by 200,000, then roundup and multiply the proportion of the national population each state has (e.g. Alabama has 4.8 million people so about 1.5% of the US population in 2010. There would be roughly 1633 seats at 200k/each for a 2010 population of 326.4 million. So Alabama has 1.5%*1633=24.45 -> 25 reps in this scenario) then Trump wins again, but 1003 to 759. Removing senators from the EC, Trump wins both by about 943 to 716. I've tried it several different ways and in no scenario does the popular vote winner win the EC. (I didn't bother with the NE and ME breakdowns because 21 EVs between the two in this scenario didn't make or break anything) I still support expanding the house, but it will not affect the EC vote for president in any meaningful way.
  3. Young people, too, are very unreliable when it comes to voting, too.
  4. If it's Warren look for a moderate male POC (I'd eat my hat for Warren/gillum) If it's Bernie look for a Harris type (liberal enough, but a female POC, not Harris though imo) not a moderate cause I don't see him doing that. If Biden it'll be some moderate white dude because his brain is mush so Beto or something like it. (Trump wins in this scenario for sure) If it's anyone else we'll see. The democratic party will mostly demand diversity at the top of the ticket.
  5. The point of cnn is to sell ads not report objectively, or anything that looks like that. Just imagine if Bernie or Warren wins the pushback that will happen. This is just the beginning.
  6. I would never want a statue of Bill Clinton in any town, regardless of him getting a blowie. The rest is fine, sign me up.
  7. Why, with all the choices in the world of wineries, one would choose to purchase wine that enriches this family is beyond my comprehension.
  8. That's a real shit bird convention on the specific topic of being incompetent, hitting the nail right on the head here guys.
  9. We already have inexpensive mass manufactured homes: trailers. And they can be quite nice, very livable, in my experience. Problem is we don't have places to put them in major metros, and the places that do exist you often are forced to lease the land that your trailer is located. We need major urban land reform, like what Oregon and Minneapolis is doing. But this means everything from parking minimums/maximums, minimum setback distances, FAR ratios, spacing between buildings, building materials requirements, and need sustainable transportation starting from the core of cities and going outward. I'd even argue that some fire regulations are counterproductive as well (like, we seriously build massively wide roads in urban areas instead of forcing fire departments to buy smaller fire trucks)
  10. I mean Trump's gonna win anyway so...
  11. If brown won his successor would be appointed by Republican Governor Mike DeWine. Winning the chamber is a very tall order already given the Senate map now and counting on Brown in his current seat. So that would require a net win of 5 formerly Republican seats before Brown would resign in order to maintain control of the Senate going from 51-49 with brown to 50-50 without brown (with the VP to break ties, and assuming Manchin or some other 'moderate' falls into line). Less than 5 Senate pickups puts you back at square 1 with brown as pres. But if brown stays in the Senate, you only need 4 pickups to get the chamber 50-50 (and still not pass anything looking like progressive legislation) and that 5th (all else being equal) buys you wiggle room
  12. Nice! I hope they try to preserve some of it, as one of the few things about Portsmouth that remains that is interesting (others being the flood wall and some of the downtown historical areas)
  13. Tax their income, tax capital gains (short and long term), tax their trusts and transfers and movements to holding companies, and tax their estates. Tax other stores of wealth like private jet and helicopter operations, private yacht operations, tax the sale of antiquities and art and collector cars (and all sorts of other things over a given nominal transaction value). Finally, enforce the tax code through the IRS on high net worth individuals. All perfectly legal, and all pretty much amount to a wealth tax. Might not get the windfall that a wealth tax would get (and the bezos and Zuckerbergs won't die for decades, but the Sheldon Aldelsons and Koch brothers don't have their kind of time) but would certainly work.
  14. Step 1) have police and the Justice system systemically discriminate on the basis of race Step 2) make discrimination on the basis of race illegal (great!) Step 3) discriminate against those who have been discriminated against due to their race Step 4) repeat step 3
  15. Unless Melania or Don Jr or some other lackey from his family runs again.
  16. We're gonna have a brokered convention fam, Trump's got four more years
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