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  1. Regardless of symptoms, it depends if he's still tweeting.
  2. All the best people getting very close to covid, but still so far away
  3. Based on excess mortality we're almost certainly undercounting deaths here in the US to be fair
  4. To the extent he takes climate change seriously ends when and where he can't profit from it
  5. It's never been more clear that conservatives are fragile little snowflakes in that they think wearing a mask is weakness.
  6. I do hope he is planning something this sized, but who knows! Might have ourselves a republican senate or a manchin /other dem senator who gets so concerned about debt once Biden gets in office
  7. If trump loses 2020 he's going to be the nominee in 2024
  8. Art Laffer loves this idea. It would be a boon to all white collar workers who can just wait an additional year to retire, reinvesting the money, but would destroy social security which is the point
  9. You can have a thousand vice presidents and managing directors, but all that matters is the guy with the biggest office
  10. There's a story there on the unfortunate chef's and other kitchen workers who have to go back to the kitchens of SF instead of the gilded dining halls of silicon valley
  11. If true, China needs some form of retribution but uh....not sure what. Economic sanctions? Lol there's no good answer wonderful
  12. It...really doesn't appear to be a minor one. It can absolutely reduce the degree of transmission in carriers of the virus, asymptomatic or not. And either way you still need robust testing and tracking because it isn't a perfect method. Masks and distancing are an easy way to keep the virus from spreading as quickly because of what we actually know about how transmission occurs. But take your pick of behavioral changes required and there's significant pushback from conservatives, or at least a significant amount of whining, compared to normal people.
  13. Like we'd realistically need to go down the road of collective mask wearing and gradual social distance lessening and other measures but don't forget these astroturfed open back up protests are taking cues from the president/ from a lack of material help from the federal government/from the socioeconomic (read: racial) imbalance in those that have died, and more than likely will die for opening up.
  14. A lot of curve flattening occurred before official orders, and this is true just about everywhere, and in Florida's case after a week of the deaths per day in Italy tripling in a week. Conservatives writ large see mask wearing as culture war bullshit so we won't go down that path. Just look at the protests to open up and the president himself
  15. And it did that, though we are still straining from a lack of ppe and other equipment apparently, not to mention the manpower issues. From what I've read, what should have been done with that time (and time before that during travel restrictions) is ramping up testing (which we've done, but not to the extent we probably need to based on tests per population) and getting contact tracking in place so that the outbreak can largely be contained, and normal life somewhat continued(among other proven effective measures). But instead we got reports like this and denials like this shit from two months ago today:
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