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A friend of mine returned some games that he'd had for about 4 years...


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2 minutes ago, ShreddieMercuryRising said:

Awesome.  I had an Xbox and missed the Gamecube when it was out, and now all of those games are super expensive.  I would love to play Eternal Darkness at some point.


Well, if you're in the UK and want it, I actually have two copies now.

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Back in 2003, I let a friend borrow EA's Freedom Fighters for the PC. He let me borrow a book. School and then life got in the way and we never really met up again since we were going to different schools. In 2019 I ended up getting a chance to return the book. Didn't get my game back though:/

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15 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

When is the next time you will play them?

F Zero GX tomorrow (my favourite GameCube game, so I’m happy to dip back in). Eternal Darkness I’m currently playing through and Killer 7 will most likely be taken to a local retro games shop as I’m not a massive fan. I may see if I can arrange a deal to swap it for something like Super Mario Sunshine or some cheaper games I used to also love.

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