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Your Favorite Music Videos

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What are some of your favorite music videos? Can be official, fan-made, whatever, whenever. I've been watching a lot on YouTube lately and thought this might be interesting to see.


I'll throw in more as time permits but I'll start with one of my favorites:



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I'll reply, but usually I kill threads, lol. Surprised there's no Eric Prydz - Call On Me or Alex Gaudino - Destination Unknown posts yet :lol:





I did a thesis in media class on this video. It's the perfect beginners music video to be dissected and studied.


David Fincher.


A technically well made video - editing, choreography, lighting, and framing. They either got lucky and had that consistent weather over multiple days, or did this shoot in one day which is f'n hard to do.


A great technical achievement in vision. Beautifully made, and beautifully short.



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