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Avenatti indicted on 36 charges of tax dodging, perjury, theft from clients, faces 335 years in prison (not including Nike case)

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In a sweeping expansion of the criminal charges against Michael Avenatti, a federal grand jury has indicted the Los Angeles lawyer on 36 counts of fraud, perjury, failure to pay taxes, embezzlement and other financial crimes.


Avenatti stole millions of dollars from five clients and used a tangled web of shell companies and bank accounts to cover up the theft, the Santa Ana grand jury alleged in an indictment that prosecutors will make public Thursday.



In 2017, Avenatti received $2.75 million in proceeds from another client’s legal settlement, but concealed that too, the indictment says. The next day, he put $2.5 million of that money into the purchase of a private jet for Passport 420, LLC, a company he effectively owned, according to prosecutors.



The breadth of Avenatti’s alleged crimes is clear in the maximum sentence he would face if convicted on all counts: 335 years in prison.


In a separate federal case in New York, Avenatti faces up to 47 more years if convicted on charges of trying to extort more than $20 million from Nike, the sportswear giant. An indictment in that case is expected soon.






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5 hours ago, Chairslinger said:

Avenatti hoping he can get Manafort's judge so he can knock that 335 years down to 3 months, time served with some community service.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t have actual evidence, but I’ve read that his sentence is about equal to other people charged with similar crimes. So is it an untrue talking point, or are people just mad that he didn’t get what they feel he should have?

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Michael Avenatti, the lawyer who represented porn star Stormy Daniels in lawsuits against U.S. President Donald Trump, has been sued by a paraplegic former client who accused him of siphoning away a $4 million settlement he had won.

Geoffrey Johnson is seeking at least $9.5 million, plus punitive damages, from Avenatti and several former colleagues in his civil lawsuit filed with the Orange County Superior Court in California.

“I never thought I would get victimized by my own attorney,” Johnson, who uses a wheelchair, said at a press conference on Thursday. “I wish he had just given me my money.”

Johnson’s claims are also part of federal prosecutors’ criminal case against Avenatti, who has pleaded not guilty to wire fraud, bank fraud, extortion and other charges, including defrauding other clients, in California and New York.


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According to prosecutors, Avenatti stole two payments totaling $297,500 from an advance Daniels was supposed to receive from a book deal in the summer of 2018. According to the indictment, Avenatti sent a doctored letter with Daniels' signature to her literary agent that instructed the agent to divert the money to an account controlled by Avenatti. The lawyer then spent the money "on airfare, hotels, car services, restaurants and meal delivery, online retailers, payroll for his law firm and another business he owned, and insurance."

The indictment said that after Daniels asked Avenatti why she had not received the first payment, Avenatti falsely claimed he was still trying to extract the money from the publisher. Weeks later, the lawyer allegedly "used funds recently received from another source" to pay Daniels the amount she was owed -- $148,750.

Soon after, prosecutors say that Avennatti received another payment of $148,750 from Daniels' agent and used the money on personal expenses, including a lease payment on a Ferrari. When Daniels asked for the remaining money, Avenatti allegedly misled her to believe that the book's publisher was refusing to pay the amount to Daniels' literary agent.


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