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So... I had to put my cat to sleep today


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Sorry for bummer topic but my cat started losing a lot of weight recently so I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He was getting a bit older (around 16) but he was was incredibly spry and playful for his age even through the cancer and the weight loss... until about 3 days ago he started isolating himself a lot and it was clear something was wrong, then last night he really took a turn for the worst and I couldn't bare seeing him in that pain and the vet said he only had 2-3 days left max so I had to do what was best for him.


I didn't think it would hit me this hard, I knew it was coming for a long time but I'm pretty fucking sad today. I had been looking forward to starting Tears of the Kingdom for months if not years but I have no damn desire right now and I feel like in my mind it will always be associated with day he passed. I lost my grandmother (who basically raised me) to cancer on my birthday 30 years ago and I still feel like it's a cursed day.


Anyways, love your family,  love your pets, take good care of them. 

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I am still very much grieving for Inuk 10 months after I helped guide him across the Rainbow Bridge.


Our animal companions are no less a part of our family and our lives than our human relatives and friends so it is only natural and right that we mourn them as such.


Take as much time as you need to honor his life @thedarkstark as he knew that he was very much loved by you as he crossed peacefully to the other side.

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Sorry for your loss. 


It's funny (terrible word, but I can't think of a better one, I'm sorry), it's only when I think of pets or children dying that I hope that there is an afterlife and/or reincarnation. Like, my dog deserves to be reincarnated as Bill Gates.


Relatively speaking, I've lived a long, full life. I'm prepared for nothingness. When I hear about pets or children dying, my thought is "they weren't."


Sorry if that's insensitive.

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Just wanna give you a long hug @thedarkstark. Truly so unbelievably sorry for your loss & the pain you're going through. I nearly had something similar with my eldest (18 years & counting) female. She had had cancer in her eye a number of years ago & had it removed & had been amazing since, up until a few weeks ago & I noticed her diet has since changed, I have to give her cosequin a couple times a day w/ her food, and ultimately I brought her to the vet just last week for a check up while anticipating the absolute worth. Thankfully, it was just early onset kidney failure (again, considering her age, amazing it hadn't happened sooner!) So yeah, just gonna take as good care of this lil girl while she's around but she's had a phenomenal life w/ me for sure.


Would appreciate perhaps some photos of your baby to share if possible.

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