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Sega announces Mega Drive Mini II, includes Sega CD games, October 27 in Japan


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Coming in October, at least in Japan



Sega also announced a Sega CD add-on for the mini console that’ll reproduce its classic look, with a miniature CD reader set alongside the miniature console. It’s very cute, and appears to come with a simulated miniature cartridge for Virtua Racing and a simulated miniature CD for Sonic the Hedgehog CD. The Sega CD mini add-on is 4,500 yen extra, or about $35. The add-on doesn’t do anything or add any extra capabilities, according to Sega’s listing on its website — it’s just for the classic look.



The miniature retro console will cost 9,980 yen, or somewhere around $75. That lines up with the Sega Genesis Mini, which sold for $79.99. The Sega Drive Mini 2 is expected to ship with 50 games spanning the Mega Drive and Mega CD collections


Games so far:

Bonanza Bros.
Fantasy Zone (Arcade port)
Magical Tarurūto-kun
Mansion of Hidden Souls
Popful Mail
Shining Force CD
Shining in the Darkness
Sonic CD
Thunder Force IV
Virtua Racing


More games to be announced in 20 days.

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I'm on the fence still about this announcement. I'm bummed it's not a Master System, Saturn or Dreamcast mini (I know emulation is called into question but that is using not fully optimised open source emulators where M2 builds their own in house. I expect this to be a small run for japan and it's cool that they are adding Sega CD in but it should have included 32x while they're at it (M2 mention already they aren't). 


I do enjoy having my genesis mini around but unsure if I'll grab this. I think at this point I really just rather buy a Mega SG and Mega SD for my genesis fix when I don't feel like hooking up the Genesis to my CRT. 

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I get supply chain issues but if they're willing to charge more for the Astro City Mini V, I think they could easily ask for slightly more for the required SOC to build a dreamcast mini (Saturn would require beefier hardware than dreamcast) and it wouldn't be that crazy. The PS Classic with a mediatek chip and an open source DC emulator can hit ok emulation speed on a decent chunk of the games. A purpose built DC emulator from scratch could be made for a decent price SOC. They just can't get away with a dirt cheap allwinner SOC like they normally use.



Just clear some things up because people love to rail on the PS Classic, Hardware wasn't it's issue as it's a really well built SOC with a lot of solid effort put into it (it's PCB screams sony design). Just for some stupid reason sony farmed out the software to a company that took an off the shelf emulator that was not optimized for the SOC and called it a day. Not to mention the licensing side using 50hz PAL releases instead of 60hz NTSC releases. That is where they botched the whole thing.

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  • 2 months later...

Complete game list for the US model was announced this morning.



Sega has unveiled the full list of games included with the Genesis Mini 2, and you'll find two previously unreleased titles as well as several new ports..


For anybody interested this will be an amazon.com exclusive for US but if you're located outside the US (like canada), Sega JP will be selling a batch through amazon.jp that can ship internationally. If you want one, best to pre-order now will you can as they will end up like the TG16 and be gone not long after launch.




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The box is soo damn small!!! (PS3 controller for scale)




If you want one, you better hurry up because once stock is gone it's gone. It's already pretty much sold out for the UK & Japan. The only remaining unit for sae is the genesis 2 model from amazon.com for those in the US and amazon.jp for those in Canada.

US: https://www.amazon.com/sales-North-America】SEGA-Genesis-Mini-マシン非依存/dp/B0B4D19JJ4

Can: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B0B4D19JJ4/


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9 hours ago, erehwon said:

The collector in me wants it but I haven't even played the first one.  It would have been nice if they made it in the shape of a Sega CD to go with the first one.

If you're a collector, there are chances this will be another TG16 mini in a few years. So best to grab one now. 


Also they released a plastic add on for this to add the sega cd, much like how the first model did.

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