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BF2042 leaves Early Access in June (but 1/3 of the game is being removed because lol)


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At least according to having most features one would assume would be in BF. Oh, but they are also getting rid of Hazard Zone entirely, 1/3 of the game and the part they hyped up as the new era of BF.


Great job EA and Dice!


Full changelog for June here:



If you'd like to join the discussion on this update, please go here.   Hey Folks -    Over the past few months, we've shared some of the key areas of focus for Battlefield™ 2042. Through our Core Feedback Loop, we've also shown off some of the work we've been doing on those areas. As we’ve been wor...


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Over 6 months since release and they are just now going to start what they call "Season 1".  Map updates/redesigns due to their originally poor designs. The specialists have better beards and voice work but they don't want to commit to any gameplay redesigns yet. It really is leaving early access... 

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   So disappointed with this game and I got it free here! I'm pretty sure I will never buy a Battlefield game again. Especially if their partnership with Microsoft stays together we wont have to, BUT STILL they have just derailed from the battlefield I used to love!

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