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Best TV Shows of 2021

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3 minutes ago, Mercury33 said:

Paywalls are fun! Anyone wanna screenshot the list?


Open in private window and disable javascript



Best TV Shows of 2021

  • Bo Burnham: Inside (Netflix)
  • Dickinson (Apple TV+)
  • The Good Fight (Paramount+)
  • Hacks (HBO Max) and Reservation Dogs (FX on Hulu)
  • It’s a Sin (HBO Max)
  • Philly D.A (PBS)
  • Station Eleven (HBO Max)
  • Succession (HBO)
  • The Underground Railroad (Amazon Prime Video)
  • The White Lotus (HBO)

On the list last year, so let’s give someone else a chance: “PEN15” (Hulu); “What We Do in the Shadows” (FX).


Honorable mentions: “City of Ghosts” (Netflix), “Couples Therapy” (Showtime), “Dave” (FXX), “For All Mankind” (Apple TV+), “The Great” (Hulu), “Infinity Train” (HBO Max), “I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson” (Netflix), “WandaVision” (Disney+), “We Are Lady Parts” (Peacock) and “Yellowjackets” (Showtime).


Flawed but fascinating: “David Makes Man” (OWN), “Kevin Can ____ Himself” (AMC), “Made for Love” (HBO Max) and “Rutherford Falls” (Peacock).


Best International Shows of 2021

  • Call My Agent! (Netflix)
  • C.B. Strike: Lethal White (HBO)
  • D.P. (Netflix)
  • Forbrydelsen (Topic)
  • Gomorrah (HBO Max)
  • In My Skin (Hulu)
  • Laetitia (HBO)
  • Mr. Inbetween (FX)
  • Spiral (MHz Choice)
  • We Are Lady Parts (Peacock)



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I’m kinda in the tank for Hailee Steinfeld, so it’s weird that I haven’t watched Dickinson yet. And kinda weird to list a comedy special as a series, but whatever. 

I think Only Murders in the Building deserves an honorable mention. It’s a reunion of the Three Amigos, but since nobody wants to work with Chevy Chase, they went with the most logical replacement: Selena Gomez. It’s kinda falls in the “cozy mystery” sub genre, where there’s death and twists and all of that, but it’s never really trying to be all that suspenseful. It’s funny and charming. 

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4 hours ago, Mercury33 said:

That list sucks, delete this thread immediately so no one else has to see it. 

I am surprised at just how much it sucks tbh. Like, I expected it to be somewhere in the middle. But it sucks.


1 hour ago, TheLeon said:


A little better on average.

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I know the line between TV and movies is blurring more and more, but why would Inside be considered a TV show? I suppose it's a film that didn't get a theatrical release, but that goes for plenty of streaming only movies that no one would ever consider a "TV Show." Classification aside, I loved Inside, and the more recognition, the better. Hell, give it a JD Power award for best mid-size car.


I know a lot of people thought this season wasn't as good, but Ted Lasso remains one of my favorites.


Arcane should probably be on every list, even if it's not a genre that gets picked by newspaper critics.

Another show with a very specific audience that I think really came into it's own this year was Lower Decks. It's crazy and fun and it's doing a surprisingly good job of building characters that I care about. Mostly though, it's just a love letter to Star Trek. It finds just the right tone to skewer Trek silliness while still being a good Trek show itself. If you love Trek, it's an easy recommendation.

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MORE LISTS! Get mad!

Variety (2 separate top 10s)

Vanity Fair


Indiewire (focuses on new series that either have been or could be renewed for another season)


If these lists are good for anything, it’s reminding me of a lot of stuff I meant to watch and/or keep watching. I’ve watched one or two episodes of Hacks, Reservation Dogs, The White Lotus, The Great, Invincible

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