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When was the last time you LET DOWN A LOVED ONE


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I just had a talk with a friend. His ex, who cheated on him and dumped him, is having some kind of crisis. He thinks she's on heroin again. Most of his other friends are like "fuck her, whatever." I could never do that to someone. If it's someone I love or once loved, I could never shut the door on them. I couldn't live with myself if I found out that they hurt themselves after trying to reach out to me, regardless of what they or I did.


A big part of that comes from my mom. She may have been a racist shit lord, but she raised me and taught me compassion somehow despite hardly having any for herself. Living with the regret of not speaking to her before she died is something that will haunt me forever and frequently comes into my dreams.


 I'm not sure what I'm trying to say, only that no loved one could get to the point where I wouldn't be there for them. 

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