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Monster Hunter: World Breaks Record for Biggest Japanese Launch on Steam Ever


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Monster Hunter: World is off to a roaring start on PC. Just hours after the game unlocked on Steam, it's crushed the record for the biggest launch of a Japanese game in Steam's history, which Dark Souls 3 set with 129,831 concurrent players in March 2016. Monster Hunter has nearly doubled that, with a peak of 239,779 players today according to Steamcharts, an amazing number for a game that launched on consoles seven months ago. 


There was no preload option for Monster Hunter: World, so that concurrent peak may continue to grow throughout the day as more people download the game. That number has already put Monster Hunter: World on the list of the biggest launches in Steam's history; it's eclipsed No Man's Sky and Civilization 6, and sits below GTA5 and Fallout 4's massive launch day numbers.


Prior to MHW, the biggest day-one numbers for a new game this year came from Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which pulled in nearly 96,000 players. For comparison's sake, Final Fantasy 15, another big Japanese RPG, had a peak of only 29,729 Steam players on release.




As of right now it's actually at 271,892 :o

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This pretty solidly puts future MH titles into a "lock" status on Steam. I had noticed these numbers last night because all the lobbies seemed extremely packed, a fact I don't remember from the PS4 version. (Although that version had server issues at launch. It sold more than fine on the PS4 obviously.)


This fucking version is night and day from the console one. It might be one of the bigger differences I've seen in a while. When you hit ready to depart, it makes the "Ready!" ding instantly, and you can immediately just go out to the hunt. As soon as that little animation of you taking off ends, you're just in the fucking mission. Joining friends is SOOOO fast. MHW on PS4 had so much loading, it was ridiculous. The game feels so much faster as a comparison. And that's not to mention the frame rate, which is so damned buttery smooth. And the lack of the blurriness that made it look like ass, and the lack of that shitty haze that covered the entire game (I disabled that fog first thing and the game looks so much better without it) and god, it's just night and day.

The KB&M controls could use a patch or two (if they fix it up, it could make ranged classes more fun and responsive, especially body part aiming with the insect glaive) but other than that, it's a damn fine port and well worth the cashola.

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The funny thing about the shitty haze setting is that it's extremely taxing on resources for some reason, AND it makes the game look like shit. They just slathered the game in it. Turning it off completely is like an 80% image quality improvement and a 10-15% FPS improvement. Based on what Lucian said, it looks like it was left in the console version to cover up bad texture pop-in, which I imagine you'd see more of on lower settings. Why they made it such an expensive setting I have no idea. I bet if they turned it off on consoles they'd get a steady 30 FPS easy.

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2 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:


If your PC is as good as a PS4 then you probably can. There are a lot of options you can use to scale the game down. It even has variable resolution modes and such.


I have an i7 3770k, a 670, and 16 gigs of RAM, which I don't believe meets the minimum requirements. Doubt I'd get 60fps at 1440p.

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4 hours ago, Hurricane Game said:

You mind sharing your graphics settings?


Screen Mode: Borderless Window

Resolution: 2560x1440

Fame Rate: 60

V-Sync: On


Resolution Scaling: High

Texture Quality: Full

Ambient Occlusion: High

Volume Rendering Quality: Off

Shadow Quality: Mid

Anti-Aliasing: FXAA - I go back and forth on this one between on and off, FXAA really kinda makes stuff really blurry.

LOD Bias: High

Max LOD Level: No Limit

Foliage Sway: On

Subsurface Scattering: On

Screen Space Reflection: On

Anistropic Filtering: High

Water Reflection: On

SH Diffuse Quality: Mid

Dynamic Range: 64-Bit

Z-Prepass: On

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3 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

I haven't tried playing the game with M&KB but it works fine in the menus. I'm somewhat impressed the game prompts show you the controls for the last used method on the fly.

I mean really you should be using a controller for this game.


Nah, the ranged classes and insect glaive would be vastly superior with proper KB&M controls. They're clunky as fuck on controller. Also, any slinger usage would be much easier, and a well-timed sling can dictate the outcome of a hunt on occasion.


The rest of the classes are great on a gamepad, though.

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19 hours ago, Biggie said:

I thought KB/M was everyone’s favorite way to play most games ?


For RTS, FPS, and MMOs, yeah generally. For something like MH it could work really well if done properly too. The problem is it hasn't been done properly.


13 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

I haven't tried playing the game with M&KB but it works fine in the menus. I'm somewhat impressed the game prompts show you the controls for the last used method on the fly.

I mean really you should be using a controller for this game.


In the menus, yeah sure. In game, the mouse emulates a joystick, so you get this really clunky, weird feeling camera movement. I guess the controls make zero sense too.


For some weapons, sure. The bow, and bow guns would be infinitely better with mouse aiming.

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6 hours ago, Biggie said:

I’m playing this on a Pro and it seems they still haven’t fixed or figured out the HDR. The game looks better with it turned off. Wtf?

I stand corrected. After going back and forth multiple times it looks better with the HDR turned on. 

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