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Oklahoma House passes bill to protect drivers who hit protesters

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7 minutes ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

It’s “stand your ground”, for your car. Exactly what you’d expect from the “pro life” party. More freedoms to kill people you don’t like. 


Well surely it works both ways. If there was a MAGA parade and you felt threatened you could drive your car over them? :thinking:

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I have a feeling even the example of the poor family in a truck example in that news release is riddled in controversy.  I could be wrong but did dad bait the protesters? Why was he there? Are dumb fucking Hicks stupid enough to bring kids to a protest when they plan to ‘git some’? The answer to that is yes!


context matters. If I truly am stupid and accidentally end up in the middle of a protest scared for my life then of course leeway should be given.  Somehow I highly doubt any of the instances were that.  I’m sure the nbomb was used in all cases.


edit: oops, read the story. It is riddled in controversy :|

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