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Do you quote movies/tv shows when talking to people


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I’ve never done this, apparently it’s kind of common that people do it though. I don’t get it, like you don’t know if the other people know the quote or not so it always has to be followed with an explanation of where it’s from and then gets as bad as describing the scene, it’s never worth the effort people put into it especially when considering what is gained.

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If there is something I can respond OMG to I'll sometimes say, "OMG it's Jason Bourne." Although I think the line actually starts with Jesus Christ.


I can't really think of any others off the top of my head. Usually, somebody will inadvertently say part of a quote and then I'll either finish it or just say the whole thing. However, I have never explained where it is from. If asked (huh? what?) I'll usually some something like "It's just from a thing," or, "It's just a thing." Cuz I say that shit for me, I don't say it for other people to understand.  


Oh, another one is if some says beCause, I'll say, "Ahh, Kos, or some say Kosm..." This is a rare one. 

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