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  1. I found the combat to be pretty basic when I first tried out the beta. I was maining the fire staff and it was basically all I used and relied on friends to help take pressure off my character. Then I watched Shroud play and learned there was, at least a little, more depth to the combat. He was stringing together different cooldowns on different weapons and it was smooth. Not that any of the enemies I’ve found so far to be hard, but it does make the game more enjoyable. I dislike FFXIV because everything is over complicated. From the subscription service to not being able to complete a quest over your current level because? This seems to scratch my mmo itch, it doesn't continually cost me money, and I’m enjoying it with friends.
  2. I, uh, think this edges out Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo Reach pistol, I definitely wouldn't consider OP. The AR literally has the same range as the pistol and if you don't perfect with the pistol you pretty much lost the fight. The needler is not good, the shotgun is ridiculously under-powered, I have no idea what the shock rifle is suppose to do, the ravager is surprisingly fun, didn't use the mangler (why is this just not called it mauler) enough, the skewer is a worse version of the binary rifle. BR > Commando > Pistol > AR. That said, I put in a good 15 hours. This is not the game for me and its not what I want out of a Halo so I will be passing on the multiplayer. Destiny 2 (PvP/Trials) is a better successor to Halo than Infinite. I don't think I'm even going to buy the campaign, I'll just pay for a month of game pass.
  3. The first batch of emails was just telling you were invited. Everyone who is signed up on Halo Waypoint should be getting access to the technical beta. The actual invites will be going out within the next couple hours.
  4. I had a lot of fun with this game, until I hit a wall. It was like I had a upgrade path that was progressing at a steady rate and then BOOM. I just hit this wall and suddenly it was taking forever to do anything. Not sure if I was just moving up too fast or was just missing something. I stopped playing shortly after that.
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn, I initially thought I was an idiot for not liking this much the first time I played it, but now that I'm about halfway through (according to howlongtobeat) my interest is starting to wane.
  6. Honestly I just copy and pasted it lol I might add it to my wishlist and if I get bored one day look at it. Just never looked like something that I really wanted to play.
  7. I just dug around a bunch of wikipedia pages and found series that I've never played. Jax and Daxter Old God of War Animal Crossing Just Dance Civilization X-Com Street Fighter King of Fighters OG MegaMan - I've played bits and pieces, but have never actually tried to beat one Saints Row Walking Dead Ys Ace Combat Metal Slug Bayonetta F-Zero - I played it at a friends house, once LittleBigPlanet - I think I owned one of them once upon a time, just never got around to playing it Luigi's Mansion Stalker - Just bought them on steam not that long ago, played one for like 10 minutes Unreal
  8. In order for Halo to ship with forge, co-op, etc. they'd have to push months away (however long they consider a season). Which won't happen, hopefully they throw "Early Access" on the steam page
  9. For awhile it was only the original that had a 4k release, but it looks like they all got released now. Apparently only HBO Max is streaming them.
  10. If starting games in August counts I'll probably finish Bravely Default and Samus Returns at some point in the next month or so. I can update the thread when I do.
  11. From what I've seen, the earlier Castlevania games aren't typically included in the Metroidvania genre. SOTN was the reason for the -vania part. Its a super vague, not well defined, genre regardless.
  12. I really enjoyed the first Tomb Raider, but the next 2 failed to keep my interest at all. Uncharted seemed fine the first time I played it, but when I went to try and replay them I didn't find them to be enjoyable... at all.
  13. I have no issues with something like FFVI pixel remaster not matching what it felt like to play on a CRT. I much like Kal-el wouldn't really notice a difference (or care) unless they were presented to me at the same time. I do get why people would want that CRT filter because it does look better. As far as I can tell the pixels in those comparisons match up, my assumption is that developers don't care to replicate the CRT experience or its too costly.
  14. I dunno, we’ve had mecha and x-Ridley. I think they confirmed the X parasite is back? I didn’t read the article so not sure if it’s just an assumption or not.
  15. You download the full game regardless of what you own. So once the season or dungeon is released you will get access to it.
  16. If you think you'll stick it out and play seasons 16-19 then yes. Get all the additional goodies, plus access to the 2 new dungeons coming.
  17. I had just literally bought the switch version for 29.99. I hardly ever play my switch though, so I'm going to return it as soon as it shows up
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