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  1. Welp, as much as I like a discount I 100% will play this on steam instead.
  2. I always forget it was got re-released. I need to finish it. RTS don't really play well on console, but I'd still consider these some really good games. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 System Shock Age of Empires I'm not huge on these games, but I'd assume they would count League of Legends / Dota 2 / Heroes of the Storm Valorant
  3. World of Warcraft Diablo 2 (well, it'll change in a month or so) Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Chex Quest Half Life Alyx Black Mesa Stepmania Full Throttle
  4. I think the Forerunner trilogy just gives a lot of detail/backstory to the forerunners. I do remember Silentium was specifically released after Halo 4 as to not spoil something though. It’s been too long, I enjoyed Cryptum, but Primordium put me to sleep, I ended up reading a synopsis of Silentium. There is also the Kilo-Five trilogy, but I don’t know how much that ties into Halo 4 because I can’t stand Karen Traviss. Honestly 343i up to this point has done nothing but try to set themselves apart from anything Bungie did and make their vision of Halo work. Extremely mixed results, but lore wise I’d say it’s been for the worse. I deleted MCC for the first time off my computer a few months ago since it released. I’m over waiting for this series to turn itself around. I’ll probably do game pass when Infinite releases just to play it with some friends who still play, but my hopes aren’t high.
  5. It's not a good campaign, the story is just liked by lore nerds. It does a really bad job with presentation of the story, they force you into a lot of bad scenarios with bad guns against the most boring AI. I'd say the only redeeming factors is that its a really good looking game for late in the 360 lifespan and its star fox level is fun.
  6. This series has always been on my list. I’ve just never got around to buying them. I think I own end layer? Not sure id have to dig it up.
  7. I hear the kidman DLC has a lot of information that helps you understand everything that is going on. Its really the only reason I would play it. I might just read a synopsis though and move on.
  8. The Evil Within is finished. Idk if I want to play the DLC or just move onto the second game.
  9. Experience gains are just the standard when it comes to player progression and reward system. Along with things like equip-able items and abilities. Do RPG's need xp gains? No, but they do need some kind of player progression and reward system. An interesting combat system can only go so far especially in a 40+ hour game. I think the issue with most RPG's is that none of them do a great job of balancing the need to not run away from battles and at the same time not needing to grind out battles.
  10. Hydro Flask. Probably the most expensive option for slightly better results of keeping you water cold.
  11. I'd put it above the Xbone controller. I can't recommend that controller at all for a D-pad. I used it to clear Celeste and by the end my up button was so jank it would register up+left/right like 20% of the time. It makes me cautious to put the Series controller through its paces.
  12. Had a pro since launch, its solid. Its also on sale on amazon right now.
  13. There was an article in April saying a sequel was in development, but I can’t find a reliable source and what I found to be the originating site is not a good website. Would be nice though.
  14. Skyrim SE + DLC is finished. I liked Dawnguard quite a bit, Dragonborn was so-so for me, which is the opposite of how they got rated. Seemed like Dawnguard was a much more personal and involved story, I liked prodding the characters for extra information about their stories. Dragonborn was cool for its visuals and setting, but I didn't really dig Miraak stealing so many souls from me when all I needed was one soul to finish the word to battle him. Nor did I really care what was happening to any of the characters. Idk what I will move onto and try to finish. Doom Eternal just isn't my jam right now.
  15. I don't think I ever beat hong kong massacre, it wasn't bad, just didn't quite keep me entertained enough. Will keep this on my watch list though.
  16. Shipped and sold by Amazon, but still quite a bit over MSRP.
  17. I’m kind of a masochist when it comes to anything that bothers me on my body and I enjoy it. I love pulling hangnails. I have these small solid white bumps that appear under my eyes and I dig them out whenever they appear. I recently clipped a swollen tastebud(?) off my tongue, which I’ve never done before, but it immediately relived the irritation.
  18. I was looking at a few benchmarks and it was actually outpacing the 3080 a lot of the time. It’s been a struggle to decide what to keep. What pushed me in favor of the 3080 is DLSS. Until AMD gets theirs off the ground I don’t think a 5-10 frames is going to push me in their favor.
  19. I'm pretty sure you want a Nvidia card, but I have a 6800 XT sitting on my kitchen table that I'm probably going to send back to Amazon if you are interested. I actually did go this route to get a 3080. I bought a maingear PC because they allow opening the PC and swapping stuff out. The warranty will still cover everything they sold to you.
  20. I might steal this and use it too. I beat skyrim originally, then my friend saved over my 360 save file and I never went back and did the DLC. Never finished Doom Eternals DLC either.
  21. A little off topic, but they still make music and its still good. We Are Drugs is a solid EP. I'd probably pick How's It Going To Be from their first album.
  22. I swear we had a topic on this already, but I guess not. It releases in 2 days.
  23. Can't help but feel disappointed. Feels like you get screwed when you partake in almost every MCC flight, but don't get into the Infinite. At the same time, I get it, they can only let so many in.
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