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  1. I'd say its closer to Titan Souls or Hyper Light Drifter than it is to ALTTP. Granted those were inspired by ALTTP, but have small differences here and there. Combat is pretty dodge heavy especially in boss fights. Puzzles were pretty on the easy side, can't say I was ever really stuck on one. I really wish there was a map though, I get wanting the player to explore and wander, but it would be nice to unlock that section map after you beat the boss. I basically went through the entire map after clearing a boss, gaining an ability that can open more paths, but after the 3rd boss I stopped. It was just a hassle, oh I remember this one area... where was it again? ah screw it I'll just go to the next area.
  2. 9.5 hours with a little collecting (only one upgrade to health and magic, most of the collectables, missing one weapon). Didn't do anything after the main story though, seems like there is a little more to do after.
  3. It never should have come to that point in the first place. They searched him prior to bringing him in and knew he was unarmed. They knew there wasn't a gun in his shoe. They thought he was going to do something with his shoe? What? So why even attempt to take it, what purpose does it have?
  4. I wonder what brands of 3090 its targeting. I have 2 friends with 3090's that have been playing with me. Either way, I've been having a lot of fun with this game. Kind of sucks that once you get so far into it, its just "keep doing faction quests until level X", so I pretty much stopped there and will wait for the release.
  5. I pre-ordered the white one. Pretty sure I won't keep it, but I have it there just in case. OLED sounds nice, especially when I'm playing in handheld mode at night in bed.
  6. I really didn't find the hand holding to be that bad. Its maybe an hour before you jump into your first dungeon.
  7. Okay, its not as bad as I thought. I'm probably just an idiot, but I had the impression that in order to swipe your sword a specific direction you had to put the sword in the opposite side and swipe. So lets say left to right swipe, your put the sword to the left and then swipe all the way right. Nah, you just literally just flick from the neutral stick position. Made combat much more tolerable. Camera still sucks though.
  8. Non-motion controls are not great. Not horrible to adapt to, but the little I remember from the short amount of time I played it on the Wii motion controls were easier. I have not tried motion controls out yet as I wanted to give non-motion a good chance. Having to push L to move the camera around is extremely tedious. I find myself just targeting to get the camera to shift to where I am running more often than not. Indeed, his facial expressions just make me laugh at its stupidity.
  9. Neither are good imo, but to each their own.
  10. Other than fixing the D-Pad and maybe some other minor adjustments I prefer the Xbox Controller. So hopefully they don't do anything drastic.
  11. Ugh, most of the vehicle sections in HL2 put me to sleep.
  12. Area 51 Custom Robo Digimon World (Can survive just come out already) Evolution: Worlds Mega Man Network Transmission Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge Mega Man Star Force Boktai Sonic Chronicles Star Ocean The Simpsons Game Gauntlet Gex Off Road Challenge 007: The World Is Not Enough 007: Agent Under Fire The Conduit
  13. I'm curious to know how you'd rank the OoT style Zelda's. Twilight Princess might be the only one I'd put below SS and even then I probably wouldn't.
  14. Wonder what direction they are going to take it once we've killed Savathun and Xivu Arath. Most of the hive hierarchy will be dead, except for the Worm gods. We've made peace with a house of eliksne and the rest of the houses seem scattered at best. Scorn aren't really in much better of a position. Cabal lost their homeworld and Caiatl lost her challenge to the last city. The Vex are doing normal vex stuff? Simulating Seems like our enemies are growing thin.
  15. DS3:A leaves a lot of questions on the table. I guess you don't need Isaac to continue it, but I would like to know or see the end of his tale.
  16. Probably not as notable as the other 2 games, but Airtight City looks like it might scratch the dead space itch. Airtight City 密闭之城-怨灵觉醒 on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM This is a third person perspective, a horror type of action shooting game. The game will be rendered with a meticulous atmosphere and a strange story, attracting players into a dark world of incomparable horror. Here, you are not unarmed, but even with a gun, you can't suppress the trembling from the heart.
  17. The Ark from Halo would probably be pretty cool. Dreaming City from Destiny would be gorgeous. Coruscant Anywhere in the Last of Us might be fun to go for like a weekend camping trip and explore provided that there aren't any infected.
  18. Same, just follow cheapassgamer, IGNdeals, a couple dedicated PS5 or XSX. You'll nab one eventually.
  19. I can only recall a few times where I can remember being in a rut. I try and pick up a new (or new to me) game and it doesn’t entertain me. So I try to play an older game and replay one of my favorites, but again it just doesn’t do anything for me. I usually just start watching movies that have been on my list for awhile or try and read a book to pass the time until I feel like I need to play something or have an itch to scratch.
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