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  1. Sure, if you just plopped down on them with all your weight, but if you just lay there gently, they kinda just settle into place...There's a lot of wiggle room in a relaxed scrotum, so they just shift around.
  2. You...You do realize that penises are also not rock hard all the time?
  3. Much in the same way, I believe my dick would relax and settle into shape. Every body different.
  4. Maybe you have a better neck...Or do boobs give you leverage or does that hurt?
  5. I don't sleep on my stomach, ever. I feel like if I did I'd suffocate, or have to turn my neck awkwardly to the side to breathe.
  6. I used to just grit it out and tell people I'd been street fighting...
  7. This isn't a new piece, just how I've been feeling lately. Hope you've all been doing well.
  8. I hope you have someone to talk to about it. Or send me a message if you'd like, not that I have much advice. I like something my lady friend said to me "if you're going through hell, keep going", cause nothing lasts forever.
  9. I've felt lower than that. To the point where video games, tv shows, even music just became meaningless and abstract...Even so that there didn't seem to be a "void" to be filled, just that everything feels empty and cold, like you're just waiting to die. I've felt that way more than I'd like to admit. Thankfully, not currently. When I went through a long period of that, the first day I was actually able to appreciate the sound of music again, I felt very happy. Gotta hold onto those small mercies.
  10. I drunkenly drew this one at a party on Saturday night.
  11. I've been dealing with insomnia for weeks now, on new meds. Wish I had some advice, I've been told to try lavender tea, no electronics on at night, take a shower before bed...None of that helps for me. I've only been getting like 2-3 hours of sleep a night. Hope you have some luck getting rest soon.
  12. Lots of lady friends, but I've only ever been in one real relationship, which lasted 6 years. We just never ended up having sex, it was a religious thing with her at first, but that went away pretty quickly, but then we just settled into this routine of doing just like oral and shit and being fine with that, and then I started severely suffering from depression and shit half way through the relationship, so that didn't help. Aaandd the next girl I hooked up with after that is "asexual". So just likes to fool around. I've had a couple other random fool around one-time hookups, but yeah, I still had the ol' V-card intact.
  13. Thank you. I'd like to do it for a living. I'm self taught, just learned by doodling a lot.
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