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  1. To wit the notion that it truly didn’t occur to me at all that anyone would treat my shitposting as anything other than that shows that I’m even more privileged than I assume, which I feel is quite a bit. Also I don’t remember that other thing you referenced offhand so clearly I’m crushing it.
  2. I was indeed joking and more seriously, yes I am aware that my privileged white, straight, cis self can choose to acknowledge or completely ignore race, sexuality, and gender on demand.
  3. Have you considered that acknowledging the existence of race makes YOU the racist?
  4. $10K of Popeye's... I didn't realize Canada had capital punishment. Death by 2 piece and a biscuit is a good way to go, tho.
  5. Yeah. In the grand scheme of things I don't super care... but if a league wants to actually discourage cheating, make it sting. Vacate the win, the fine to the team is 100% of the profits from the game in question (broadcasting, advertisement, anything sold in the park, etc.), whatever. That or just... don't care. It's easily worth $5M to win the World Series, who gives a shit?
  6. I still maintain that if you get busted cheating in game, you forfeit that game. Sorry, the Astros aren’t WS champs.
  7. Played Roads and Boats yesterday. It was... a lot.
  8. Youtube knows me well enough to know what I'm into, and spoiler thumbnails are everywhere. Not being on youtube at all near when something I'm interested in is coming out IS too much effort.
  10. I honestly don’t know that I agree. I haven’t seen Once Upon a Time in Hollywood so I cannot comment there. But in general, for me personally... repeated viewings (or readings or listenings, etc) of something I enjoy are always more enjoyable the second time around. For example I can’t wait for Knives Out to come out for home release, and I know I’ll like it more this time around. And there have definitely been times where knowing how something goes has saved me the time of consuming it to begin with. So for me personally, I’m indifferent to spoilers. The effort it would take to avoid them isn’t worth the benefit.
  11. Remember not that long ago when the 49ers barely ranked as an NFL team? What a world.
  12. It’s almost like we should all agree to just stop caring about spoilers as a society.
  13. How many ray tracers do you need for that dankness?
  14. Yeah I hear you. There’s something appealing to me about purging most of my content... before 2nd Ed I had ships from all factions since I played casually pretty often. Now I play less but have the urge from time to time, and it’d be useful to have a small pool and a tight list. Honestly the biggest issue for me is that there are so many mechanics and actions that I have no muscle memory for in 2nd Ed that I need my nose in the rules more often than I’d like.
  15. Wave 7 looks rad. I have a bunch of Imp and Rebel ships from 1st ed I got the conversion kit for, but I’m tempted to flip them and stick with the First Order... Bah.
  16. I love how “woke” has just become a synonym for “adjacent to black people” for a certain demographic. It’s the new urban.
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