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  1. Nuke toxic accounts and this isn’t necessary. But you know, that would take work and reduce “engagement” so it’ll never happen.
  2. It's not as big as X-Wing 1st ed, though most stores I know of around me have a decently populated X-Wing night once a week.
  3. This seemed inevitable to some extent, given how aggressively ANA has expanded in recent years. Closing down FFI makes sense, in that I think since they’ve been announced the only thing they’ve done is their LotR game. The app content in Mansions and Imperial Assault isn’t done by them, and those games have been very successful. The RPG bit is a tad confusing, in that I was under the impression that the Star Wars RPG was very popular and they just announced a KeyForge sourcebook for Genesys. I know the margins on books are thinner than games but I’d assumed that the card content / dice expansions would sweeten that pot. Who knows. I feel bad for everyone who lost their job. Between Christian Petersen and a lot of other creative folks leaving over the last few years, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.
  4. Well. It’s my first day back at work since December 19th so I’ll blame it on that.
  5. “Regular” people hang with Force users pretty regularly in Clone Wars, Rebels, etc., and it’s fine. Also people get hit with lightsabers pretty regularly in Clone Wars, Rebels, and even RotJ without getting dismembered, and it’s also fine.
  6. Mass graves are peaceful in their own way I suppose. EDIT - Also you know what I find peaceful? Old bitches screaming questions about my family name from horseback when they're randomly traversing a desert so shitty that farming moisture is a viable profession.
  7. Yo if you wanna not "take away from the twins finally being together," maybe don't have them be together in some shit tier CGI earlier in the movie, you boob. Also, if only we'd gotten a truly tender scene with them in the last movie. Oh... wait. Lastly beautiful and peaceful place, do these hacks even watch this fucking series.
  8. The duel in ANH is fine. The choreography isn’t great but I appreciate it as some of the only times anyone in the franchise treats lightsabers like they’re actually deadly weapons.
  9. I avoided saying pro life and pro choice because I dislike those terms, but I knew I’d still fuck something up.
  10. I’m staunchly in favor of abortion rights, but I understand the opposition. If someone truly believes that life begins at conception, an ardent anti abortion stance for them is advocating for a group incapable of self advocacy, is anti murder, etc. I don’t agree with any part of that philosophically, but I get it.
  11. When we saw it in the theater, I'd say maybe 60% of his lines were intelligible. The unintentional comedy of Batman talking to Bane like Han talks to Chewbacca was great.
  12. If we're going to be pedantic (and why not, if we're going to be discussing Star Wars canon) I don't think 2D Clone Wars was officially struck down until the Disney merger. Lucas just did the same shit with it that he did with most EU stuff... ignore it completely.
  13. There are more than a couple episodes that feature characters getting tortured pretty graphically for a kids show.
  14. Set in space because in space... no one can hear you scream.
  15. The first two seasons are fine. Season three and on are quite good.
  16. The episodes of The Clone Wars TV show DO NOT all happen in chronological order. Sometimes that's super obvious, other times it's not. It mostly works itself out beyond season 3, but if you start on Disney+ with S01E01, it can be weird for sure. EDIT - Disney+ has the movie too, but that's not "first" either. It introduces you to Ahsoka though, so it's notable for that. Beyond that it's kinda meh?
  17. I think I know enough about the general premise that I don't think it would piss me off as a Superman fan. I don't mind alternate takes on characters, I get cheesed when the alternate takes try to cash in on stuff that shouldn't be relevant to that specific take (Man of Steel being the most recent example of this).
  18. Bail Organa has a line in Revenge of the Sith in which he has Threepio's memory wiped. Beyond that, no. This makes Artoo one of the more bizarre characters in the entire canon... he meets A LOT of people who he'd interacted with before that don't recognize him or comment on that at all, he has a ton of information that would be useful to the people he's hanging out with that is never shared, etc. I'll write off Artoo not recognizing Obi-Wan, dude visually aged 30 years in about half that time, he forgot that double the suns means double the SPF on your Coppertone. But Artoo and Yoda know one another pretty fucking well, they're both just method acting on Dagobah, I guess? Artoo knows who Luke's dad is and says nothing, what a dick.
  19. I've not seen it, but i heard it was alright. Been waiting for it to come out on streaming.
  20. I would wager that Palpatine is on screen for less than ten minutes in the OT. And he was rad. He’s not a thing in ANH at all, he’s barely seen / felt in ESB, he basically walks onto Jedi fully formed. The notion that we need some multi movie build up to the ultimate big bad is nonsense, and the notion that Snoke being killed necessarily made RoS weaker because of that is also kinda trashy.
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