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  1. This new version enhances the graphics to HD and updates all of the 3D models in the game. Full voiceovers and new music arrangements present this epic tale of strife and heroism, presenting FINAL FANTASY VII in a brand-new light. Enjoy a more beautiful and accessible CRISIS CORE, going way beyond just a simple HD remaster. Launches this Winter on PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Steam
  2. HARVESTELLA is a Life Simulation RPG where you can enjoy daily life, socializing, and adventuring. For example, you could spend a relaxing day farming, fishing, or raising livestock, head to town to chat up the locals, or step bravely into a dungeon to take on some monsters - the choice is yours. Whatever activities you engage in (and there a lot of things you can do), time constantly passes. You’re free to spend it as you please, but every 30 days, the seasons change: Spring, summer, autumn, winter. But there’s one more season to worry about in HARVESTELLA: Quietus! It occurs as the seasons shift. During this time, the crops wither and the deadly dust prevents people from walking around outside. You’ll have to plan your farming and activities around the endless march of time - and the approach of Quietus. The Story HARVESTELLA takes place on a planet where four giant crystals, known as the Seaslight, govern the seasons. All life receives their blessings. One day, the Seaslight start behaving abnormally. Quietus begins to visit in the interim between seasons - and quickly establishes itself as the season of death. The Seaslight glow with a strange light, emitting a dust formed of light that threatens all it touches - crops die, and people are trapped inside. During one particular Quietus, your character - a traveler - collapses in an isolated village. You meet a girl called Aria, who claims to have come from the future and is researching the mysteries of this new, unwelcome season. Thus you and she take the first step on a journey that will reveal the very truth of the world. SQUARE ENIX | The Official SQUARE ENIX Website - Tagged WWW.SQUARE-ENIX-GAMES.COM Welcome to the official SQUARE ENIX website. Find all the latest news and updates about your favourite games and upcoming releases.
  3. Watch the Japanese trailer for extra HYPE!
  5. "CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION" is a remaster of "CHRONO CROSS", including new features such as 3D models converted to HD, higher-quality background music, and battle enhancement features. Also includes the game that formed the bedrock of the story, "RADICAL DREAMERS - Le Trésor Interdit -" With over 40 party members to meet, people and dimensions will intertwine in this epic drama about the planet itself. CHRONO CROSS: THE RADICAL DREAMERS EDITION is available April 7th on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and Steam®!
  6. Anybody tried out the second free demo? I am really excited about this game. Love the art style and the gameplay is solid. I’m sold on turn based RPG’s. Will be picking up some eShop point cards soon so I can get this pre-odered and loaded onto my SWITCH. @GameDadGrant @CastlevaniaNut18 @JosephManderley @Bacon @Comet @Haines
  7. Truly sounding confident there, buddy! Square Enix says Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 will be revealed this year | PC Gamer WWW.PCGAMER.COM FF7 director Yoshinori Kitase says more information will be revealed in 2022.
  8. English Trailer: DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS | SQUARE ENIX WWW.JP.SQUARE-ENIX.COM #THINK ダンジョン探索RPG『 #ダンジョンエンカウンターズ 』公式サイト
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