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Joe Biden to announce sweeping new $775 billion investment in caregiving programs, with proposals covering care for small children, older adults and family members with disabilities

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17 minutes ago, mclumber1 said:

The money should come from everyone, not just high income earners.  


The money should come from those that have benefitted from the failed and wrong headed policies of the past 40 years. Asking "everyone" to pay when most have already been robbed by a few is a fucking joke. 

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57 minutes ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:

Is there a non NYT link? On mobile so I can't do the stop load



I think this should work. (PS: I just googled this real quick in case it's a shit site)


"Joe Biden on Tuesday unveiled a $775 billion plan to bolster childcare and care for the elderly that would be financed by taxes on real-estate investors with incomes of more than $400,000 as well as increased tax compliance by high-income earners."


We're talking about rich people here, not people living in the burbs who just managed to afford a single home. 

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Full plan:



Regarding the disability stuff:


He's promising to enact essentially the a watered down Disability Integration Act (eliminating Medicaid Home LTC waiting lists), which for the disability community is the bare minimum we expect. That's it.


The "Establish a long-term services and supports innovation fund to help expand home- and community-based alternatives to institutional care" is bullshit, we already know the best models, they just need to be forced on States.


"These could include approaches that provide care while allowing individuals to retain independence, such as day programs and respite services that enable unpaid caregivers to work, alternative home and community models that coordinate or directly provide care, and Medicaid buy-in models." What about Medicaid buy-in? Most states already have these and they mostly suck, low income limits with asset limits that include retirement accounts, for people with disabilities who work.

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