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Dreamed that I was banned from D1P


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Yes, this is a weird fucking topic to create.


Yes, this is also weird as fuck to disclose.


I dreamed that I was banned by @SFLUFAN, for being passive aggressive, spamming, and just being an overall nuisance.  Somehow I must have pissed him off, but I never noticed until I was banned in my dream.


Also me: I haven't been sleeping well, and partially I've been having a lot of anxiety from shit happening IRL


Also me: I've been in therapy so a lot of shit that I've been discussing has been resurfacing.


Also me: My field placement does a lot of things with clinical social work.


Also me: My anxiety has definitely been haywire.


Also me: I don't fucking know if I'm okay.


Also me: Why for any explicable reason am I telling you all this shit?  Don't you all fucking hate me anyway?

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