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Daemon X Machina getting Steam release


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I played both Demos on Switch, and while the whole concept was cool, and the improvements in the 2nd demo were certainly quite welcome, I feel this is a game that deserves a proper KB/M type of setup, not to mention dat 60fps goodness (or 120fps if you're into that sort of thing). I still thought the gyro controls were decent enough, and made aiming a lot easier that 2nd go around, but sometimes I just need a frickin' mouse for aiming, damnit! 

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2 hours ago, Ghost_MH said:

Was this game actually any good? I remember thinking it looked nice, but the demo I played was pretty bland. Bland in a way I couldn't figure out why Nintendo seemed to put such a spotlight on it over like Astral Chain, which was a ton of fun.

It reviewed well. However, I had the same thoughts with the demo - suuuuper boring.

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Picked it up to give it a try, and I'm enjoying it for the most part so far. The clear lack of budget for presentation is very evident, the whole thing kind of reads like a souped up Vita game. The audio mixing is really bizarre, with quiet music drowning out even quieter sound effects, although voices are clear above all that.


In actual combat everything is fine, but during story segments, along with the pacing feeling all off, the audio mixing just gives it a sort of cheap feel.

But when you're fighting a ton of enemies and some giant ones all at once at a rock solid 144 FPS with everything maxed out (not that it's much of a looker) it can be pretty fun. Holding off on forming too solid of an opinion before I get some missions under my belt, but so far I'm enjoying it. Glad I got it for a much lower price at GMG, though honestly it seems like the kind of game that should launch at $40 by default.

Very glad the PC port seems flawless so far, though, in terms of performance.

As for KBM, seems to be some minor issues, but not with how it controls. You can bind keys and everything, but the default sensitivity seems a bit low for me, and I can't find an option in-game -- not a big deal for me as I can change the DPI on my mouse just by tilting it and rolling the mouse wheel, so I got it set perfect in no time, but an in-game option should be there. Other than that, I wish the mouse worked for menus, as it stands you use the keyboard to go through them, which is a little weird.


No crazy or unforseen/unfixable issues, and an unbelievable performance and image quality leap to boot! Not bad.

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