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James Alex Fields, driver in deadly car attack at Charlottesville rally, sentenced to life in prison

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James Alex Fields Jr. pleaded guilty to 29 of 30 hate crime charges in March in a plea deal to avoid the death penalty for murdering civil rights activist Heather Heyer and injuring more than 30 others when he intentionally mowed them down with his car on a one-way street on Aug. 12, 2017.


The 30th charge, which included a possible death sentence, was dropped. U.S. Attorney General William Barr directed and permitted prosecutors not to seek the death penalty.

Heyer's mother, Susan Bro, said at the sentencing that she wanted Fields to spend the rest of his life in prison, but also hopes he "can heal someday and help others heal."



Prosecutors have said that Fields intended to kill more people in the cluster of counterprotesters and had a history of racist and anti-Semitic behavior.


Gasps could be heard Friday among a packed courtroom, which included Heyer's mother, when prosecutors told the judge that a classmate of Fields had testified that during a high school trip to a German concentration camp, Fields had remarked: "This is where the magic happened."


Prosecutors said they were told Fields was "like a kid at Disney World" during that trip. They had earlier said that Fields had revered Adolf Hitler, keeping a picture of him next to his bed.


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Some how, some way, when it comes to acts such as these, there should BE no right to barter and plead down to avoid the death penalty. You perform such a heinous crime such as this or even in fact that POS that killed the 23 year old girl in Utah and burned her remains; IDGAF, you gotta die!


You were given a chance, you fucked it up royally, that's it, no more time for you. I know that Starship Troopers was a bit tongue in cheek and totally satirical but one thing I loved was how they caught a guy, put him on trial and how his execution will be aired live on all channels that evening. More of this please!

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