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So is 2020 already looking to be a better gaming year than 2019?


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Is 2020 already shaping up to be a significantly better year for gaming than 2019 (that IMHO seems to be a big letdown vs. 2018).


They only games I am really hyped for, for the rest of 2019:

1)  Doom (already pre-ordered)

2  Gears 5 (no good reason, given I haven't actually seen any gameplay yet)


And that is it...


However, in 2020...

1) Cyberpunk 2077

2) Watchdogs Legion

3) Ghost of Tsushima

4) Last of Us 2

5) A Forza game

6)  Maybe even Final Fantasy VII remake (cause I hate myself)

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I'm super hyped for The Last of Us Part II and I'll be getting Cyberpunk 2077, because it looks great and it's by a developer I love. Otherwise, I don't know yet. I'm teetering on FF VII because I know SE is going to screw it up. I don't know of much else. I don't know what Nintendo will be releasing next year.


This year has been and will continue to be pretty great for me, mostly thanks to Switch. 


I don't really compare year to year, though. I have too much to play.

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