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Pelosi would like to see Trump “in prison”.

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi told top Democrats that she’d like to see President Trump “in prison” during a meeting Tuesday night on whether to begin impeachment proceedings, Politico reports. House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) reportedly pressed Pelosi to permit his committee to move forward with an impeachment inquiry against Trump.


 “I don’t want to see him impeached; I want to see him in prison,” Pelosi was quoted as saying, noting that she would prefer to see Trump defeated at the polls and then prosecuted for his alleged crimes.


Not sure how I feel about the Speaker of the House saying.

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"Instead of doing a thing I have the power to do and for which there is precedent, and which might result in the removal of Trump from office, I would rather not do that thing, wait, hope he gets voted out and then wait for something that has never happened before to maybe happen."



She's the worst Democrat.

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Been saying it since before she became Speaker. Pelosi sucks. 


Seriously. Whatever credit she gained with the government shut down and the good PR over him "throwing a tantrum" recently is entirely gone with me. She won't do her fucking legal obligation, which is to start impeachment proceedings based on the very clear recommendation of the Special Counsel for the DOJ based on their extensive 400+ page report.


But nah. Constitutional duties and obligations? Fuck that, I'll make up reasons why we won't impeach ("Republicans and Trump want us to impeach him so they'll win the election in 2020"?) and play political games instead. 


Cool Nancy. Real cool. Someone with real big dick energy would have tore Trump a new one by now. 

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