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Rate/Discuss the last game you played


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The last game I played was Battlefield 1. Originally bought it on PC and put a few hundred hours in, but put it down before any hefty content updates. Recently picked it up for X1X for $15 bux will all the DLC. I probably have about 15hrs in and there are so many maps now I dont think Ive even seen all the new ones. Tons of new weapons and ways to earn them. New perk system and missions to unlock them. They really did a lot to this game and I love it. I wish Battlefront II got this treatment.  I am excited for BF: V

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Hitman 9/10


I fell into a rut trying to get full mastery on Marrakesh and got distracted by other games, but coming back to it I had forgotten just how good it was and how well balanced they made everything.  The stupid humor is just off the charts and it never fails to surprise you with new things to do.  The only thing holding  it back from perfection is the god awful menu system.  

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Dark Souls Remastered. Obviously a great fucking game.


41 minutes ago, Dodger said:

Last played Witcher 3. It's pretty good. Just got to Novigrad, so by the time I play the DLC and then do a NG+ Death March run I should be done with it by 3535


Novigrad is one of my favorite areas in a game ever, enjoy my man. Do every quest you can.

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Onrush. It's a fun online game car combat game. It has a single player mode but it's the same as the online but with bots. I have been playing with my friend as the game is team oriented and have been enjoying it immensely . It's 6 v 6 and the game modes are varied but we are waiting for competitive mode to open up. Definitely recommend it if you want something you can jump right in and out through out the day.

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