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Current board issues due to update [update] Playstation and Dreamcast should work again


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We just ran a board update, and it appears to have broken some functionality at the moment for two of our themes--PlayStation & Dreamcast. I have switched those two themes off for the time being until they are back to fully functional again. So if you come to the site, and it looks a bit different, that's because the default theme has been changed until the corrections have been made.


All functionality on the other themes should be working fine, but if they're not, please post about it here or on the Help Desk.


We'll get those other two themes back up and running as quickly as possible, and I'll update this thread once they are good to go.

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It may not work immediately in every thread, but threads full of embedded media (Youtube videos, tweets, etc) should now stop spazzing out jumping around while getting everything loaded. :santasun: The update has a lazy loading feature, so basically now it can grab the dimensions for embedded media so that it can render the overall shape of the page without all the wild jumping around, and then only load the specific piece of media once you scroll to it. This should also help reduce mobile data usage when you're just checking the latest posts in a thread, since it'll never load the stuff in the earlier posts unless you scroll back up to it.

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