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Steam and GMG both have “Lunar sales” going on right now, update - Fanatical has joined the party!


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On Steam, it looks as though everyone gets a free $5 off coupon to stack on the sale price (with the ability to get more through tokens) on purchases of $30 or more. Notably, FC5 is on sale for $15, AC:O is $30 so if you use the coupon it’s only $25 ( :shock: ).

GMG looks to have better prices when not relying on that $5 coupon, though, with FC5 (for example) being only $13.50.


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21 minutes ago, Spork3245 said:

I keep going back and forth on FC5. On one hand, it’s only $13.50. On the other hand, I doubt I’ll ever play it. :p 

If you enjoyed previous romps then buy it, if not, do not! It’s changes very little of the formula established by 3. 

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2 hours ago, RedSoxFan9 said:

Does it have the stealth missions from FC4?  I wasn’t a fan of those 

If it did, I don't recall them. This was a pretty blockbuster action flick style campaign. Oh, and you can have a bear as your companion. His name is "Cheeseburger", but please don't feed him any, he's diabetic. 

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