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The Pathless (from the creators of Abzu) - Information Thread, update: reviews from OpenCritic posted

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Game Information

Game Title: The Pathless


  • PC (Nov 12, 2020)
  • PlayStation 4 (Nov 12, 2020)
  • PlayStation 5 (Nov 12, 2020)


Developer: Giant Squid


Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
Review Aggregator

OpenCritic - 80 average - 88% recommended

Critic Reviews

Cultured Vultures - 9 / 10


The Pathless is a fantastic game full of rewarding exploration and moment-to-moment gameplay that gets right at the heart of what makes open world games fun.

Digital Chumps - 9 / 10


The Pathless is a wonderful balance between puzzles and boss battles contained in a giant landscape. The gameplay design, specifically the boss level design, demonstrates the possibilities this new generation of consoles might offer.

Gaming Nexus - 9 / 10


The Pathless is a remarkably well-designed game, guiding the player forward with intuitive design while providing plenty of opportunity to experiment and play. With a great locomotion system and an amazing soundtrack, The Pathless will easily see players losing hours while under its hypnotic spell. Fun and rewarding puzzles, a nice story line, and plenty to see and do make The Pathless a great game, regardless of which system you play it on.

GamingBolt - 9 / 10


The Pathless knows where its biggest strengths lie, and it constantly leverages those strengths to craft a hypnotic, rhythmic, beautiful, and captivating adventure.

GamingTrend - 90 / 100


Like previous effort ABZÛ before it, The Pathless leans heavily into the gorgeous cell-shaded world, and it does so with gameplay and story that keeps you locked and engaged for the entirety of its 10 hour story run. Comparisons to games like Shadow of the Colossus and Journey are apt, but seeing the world rush by at 4K and 60fps is a thing of beauty. Come for the frenetic gameplay, stay for the art.

PlayStation Universe - 9 / 10


In a world of icon-strewn maps and point to point gameplay, The Pathless encourages discovery through environmental clues and great design, setting you free of modern game shackles. It's beautiful, touching and the fast-paced gameplay is brilliant. There is nothing like The Pathless on the market at the minute and I think most people will find something about it to love. I certainly did

Press Start - 9 / 10


The Pathless is the next great indie adventure. Whether the joy you take from it is in its unique and super-slick traversal mechanics, or the arresting world and faultless artistry, there's no denying that Giant Squid has absolutely nailed it. If I could somehow travel back in time and get lost in this game all over again, I would. While I can't speak to the experience on Windows or Apple devices, I believe this is one for the PlayStation 5 players most of all. This world needs to be taken in at its most visually rich, and the unique properties of the DualSense heighten its gameplay even further. If you only pick one, non-AAA exclusive for your next-gen PlayStation, pick this one.

TheSixthAxis - 9 / 10


A larger more ambitious game from Giant Squid that shares influences with Breath of the Wild only to subvert it in clever ways: retooling a bow as an ingenious mode of traversal and puzzle solving, an open world with no map, and a shooter where you don't have to aim. It's an accessible and streamlined approach making for an unmissable adventure to lose yourself in.

Hobby Consolas - Spanish - 87 / 100


The Pathless picks ideas from some of the greatest adventures and adapts them to create something new, with its own identity. Maybe it's no the longest, but its one of those titles that you will remember for long time, for its wonderful aesthetic, sound, bosses or the way you move by its world (a mechanic that is highly enjoyable).

PSX Brasil - Portuguese - 85 / 100


The Pathless has a slow start, but the journey is rewarding. The technical part, the soundtrack and the game world are incredible. It can be considered repetitive later on, but the gameplay and the boss battles make up for that. It's hard to say in words, but the "experience" of playing The Pathless is unique.

TechRaptor - 8.5 / 10


The Pathless offers players a beautifully heartbreaking way to revive a dead world by forging a bond between you and an eagle alone. Every so often, you come across the corpses of the fallen and you can see their final thoughts moments before death, which elevates the tragedy and sadness of the world around you. Even then, you never really feel lost, both literally and figuratively, mainly because you'll feel like as long as you have your eagle by your side, you're going to be just fine.

Atomix - Spanish - 83 / 100


The Pathless is a beautiful and epic adventure from the people behind Abzu. A must have for every indie lover.

COGconnected - 81 / 100


The Pathless is a great game. It’s beyond stunning, with a remarkable soundtrack and phenomenal sense of place. Refined traversal mechanics do a lot of the heavy lifting, while puzzles and boss battles could use an extra dose of variety. Though the formula gets tired by the end of the tale, The Pathless proudly stands among giants of the genre like Journey.

Video Chums - 8.1 / 10


Its stylish visuals and slick gameplay make The Pathless stand out as a truly epic experience. If the concept of whipping around massive intricate environments at ridiculous speeds while solving puzzles and taking down bosses appeals to you then definitely check it out.

DualShockers - 8 / 10


The Pathless is an excellent game for the camper in me that wants to spend some time exploring outside.

Game Informer - 8 / 10


Clocking in at roughly seven hours, don't be surprised if you complete it in one or two sessions. It's a hard game to put down

GamesRadar+ - 4 / 5 stars


The Pathless switches effortlessly between relaxing exploration and exhilarating story moments, and it's altogether incredible.

Hardcore Gamer - 4 / 5


The Pathless is an enjoyable adventure to a serene island filled with satisfying puzzles, mesmeric traversal and gripping boss showdowns. Some small frustrations, including unnecessary stealth sequences and little reason to deviate from the main objective, hold the game back, but the polished moment-to-moment gameplay combined with the inspired soundtrack make for a pleasing and fun experience that's easy to recommend to fans of open world and puzzle games.

IGN - 8 / 10


The Pathless combines a simple but fun movement system and a world brimming with secrets to uncover.

Kakuchopurei - 80 / 100


[The Pathless'] presentation, its challenges and puzzles, and its unique one-two archer-and-falcon punch are noteworthy enough to pick it up as either a PC indie darling or a lovely launch title for your newly-acquired PS5. In other words, take flight.

Metro GameCentral - 8 / 10


A hugely entertaining open world puzzler where simply getting from A to B is more entertaining than most games in their entirety.

Noisy Pixel - 8 / 10


The Pathless is a gorgeous adventure with an entertaining traversal mechanic and a subtle but effective narrative. Running, jumping, and gliding around with your eagle friend while solving enigmatic puzzles is a real joy. While some lackluster stealth sections and difficulty maneuvering during some boss sections are present, it doesn’t take away from the overall experience. Whatever direction you decide to travel, The Pathless leads you to some special gaming moments.

PlayStation LifeStyle - 8 / 10


It's the absence of stand-out creature encounters that weighs heavy on The Pathless as a whole. And there's a redundancy to said moments that never rears its head when freely exploring and solving puzzles. Undoubtedly, the exploration and puzzle-solving represent The Pathless at its best. Giant Squid's latest manages to perfectly capture the calm before the storm, along with the post-battle respite that few games master in equal measure. In that case, it would seem the disappointing creature confrontations do serve a greater purpose to some degree.

SelectButton - 8 / 10


The Pathless is an open-world exploration title with unique puzzle-solving mechanics and one of the year's best soundtracks. The tense and enjoyable boss encounters were a delightful surprise. The free-form approach to the exploration and plethora of puzzles to solve, most being optional, give you the sensation of freedom while traversing. It's simply fun, aimlessly soaring through the air with my eagle, bouncing across rivers and down snow-covered mountaintops shooting at talismans. It's not a long experience, as I clocked my completion at roughly eight hours, but there are plenty of trophies to earn by collecting all of the relics, along with completing various other tasks.

VG247 - 4 / 5 stars


I hope it’s clear that I really enjoyed The Pathless, a game that prior to playing hadn’t really caught my eye. I hope it isn’t lost amongst the PS5’s bigger, noisier releases, as it’s something different and uplifting. It’s rare to find such tension and threat in a game that’s also so peaceful, but Giant Squid has managed it. In truth we could all do with a bit of light in our lives at the moment.

Wccftech - 8 / 10


The Pathless makes a fantastic first impression, with its arresting visuals, fun mechanics, and fascinating dark world. The game's middle section does start to drift a bit, but it sticks the landing with a great final level and an electrifying and emotionally-satisfying climax. Like The Pathless' feathery co-star, Giant Squid has raised their game to lofty new heights.

Destructoid - 7.5 / 10


You've probably played a game like The Pathless before, but you haven't played The Pathless. If you're into these types of games (you know who you are), this is another one you can add to the pile. I say "pile" endearingly, as it's short enough to justify playing right away without becoming backlog fodder.

GameSpew - 7 / 10


Ultimately, The Pathless is somewhat an uneven experience. Its epic boss battles are thrilling, and the majority of its puzzles are enjoyable to solve. It’s just a shame that there’s so much aimless running around between all the fun. Even dashing around at full speed grows tiresome after a while. Providing some sense of direction may go against what The Pathless strives to be, but it would help make your time with the game feel less wasted, and more fulfilling.

GameSpot - 7 / 10


Open-world exploration is the central idea and purpose of The Pathless, and its beautiful world rewards embracing your wanderlust.

Gamersky - Chinese - 7 / 10


The pathless is a beautiful game, running around and fighting with every BOSS is enjoyable. But the world is so empty and lack of interaction that might make you feel bored soon.

Screen Rant - 3 / 5 stars


Whether in a boss fight or out in the wild, one area where The Pathless does deliver consistently is in its score. The music by Journey composer Austin Wintory is somewhat sparse, but never fails to ramp up the game’s feeling of danger and adventure whenever it swells up. The Pathless may have a bit of an identity crisis, with its disconnected segments never really combining to their full potential, but its impressive presentation and exhilarating speed make it worth a try nonetheless.

Guardian - 2 / 5 stars


In trying to apply the formula behind games such as Journey and Abzû to an open world, The Pathless ends up overstaying its welcome

Eurogamer - Recommended


Vast maps bring out the best in this sparse yet memorable adventure.

Skill Up - Unscored


Video Review - Quote not available


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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to The Pathless (from the creators of Abzu) - Information Thread, update: reviews from OpenCritic posted

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