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Ban Jeff Grubb


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Wasn’t he one of the fuckers trying to tell everyone MS was going to announce up to 7 studio acquisitions at their showcase a couple years ago. Only leaks I trust anymore are the ones who leak specific shit about one game or company since they have clearly have a solid source and only leak about some specific shit.

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3 hours ago, Brian said:

Dude is wrong all the time. I know this will upset his one fan on here but he crossed the line by hyping up a Sly Cooper game in development.


From what I understand he said he would like to see a new game not that one was being made, and websites twisted his words to say a new one was coming.

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Can’t believe i missed this! He is right sometimes only because he reports on other peoples rumors, I don’t believe he has any connections that give him anything decent.



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5 hours ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:




In face, the general feeling is that the new GB crew has breathed a new vigor into the show.

I may try and listen to it again.  IMHO, it was at it's peak when it was Ryan, Jeff, Brad and Vinny.  With most of the subsequent folks not being anywhere near their level (other than perhaps Klepek and Ryckert).  With Ryckert being mostly for pure entertainment, rather than his video game thoughts.

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