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28 Years Later in the Works | Danny Boyle and Alex Garland Reunite for Sequel to 28 Days Later

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'28 Years Later' is due to hit studios and streamers as a hot package later this week.



Danny Boyle and Alex Garland, the director and writer of the 2002 movie, are reuniting for 28 Years Later, a new zombie thriller that is expected to hit studios, streamers and other potential buyers later this week, according to multiple sources. WME, which reps Boyle and Garland, will take out the package and handle the sale.


The package isn’t just a simple modern sequel installment; the movie already had a follow-up with 28 Weeks Later, released in 2007. The duo were only involved with as executive producers on that film. Now, the hope is to launch a new trilogy.


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8 hours ago, SoberChef said:

Is there a way to get Cillian back per chance?!? Either way, both prior entries in this series have been awesome AF, so I'm stoked to see what happens here.


7 hours ago, Derek said:

This news makes me very happy. It has been over 20 years since the first movie, so this may be a good time to bring Murphy back. That would be the bee's knees. 


Cillian said he'd come back if they make these and want him back, so we'll see! He worked with this duo on both 28 Days Later and Sunshine, which helps.



It only took 'em… 22 years!


8 hours ago, Brick said:

Yeah it's going to bug me that they didn't do 28 Months Later. Do Years after, c'mon! 


I never did see 28 Weeks Later. 


28 Weeks Later isn't nearly as close to as good as 28 Days Later, but it's solid enough. Garland wasn't happy with its existence since he wasn't involved with the project at all so we'll see if what happened in that movie remains canon. It probably will I imagine given a lot of what happens in that movie and so as not to confuse audiences.

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