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Are You ready For The Karate Kid Cinematic Universe?

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4 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Can you watch Steven Seagal movies?




Older ones yes... Above the Law is still one of my favorite action movies of all time. He was bad ass in that. Shit, I did a Chuck Norris marathon a couple of weeks ago while I was working. I've said it before, I have very little problem separating the artist from the art... except for Tupac. I never liked that mother fucker...:p

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If a movie is good (or so bad it's good), I'm going to watch it, for the most part. It rarely matters who is in it, directing it, etc. A good movie is a good movie. I'm not happy if the film, TV show or whatever has got bad people in it like a Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise but that's outside of my control - the content has already been made and dozens to hundreds to thousands of other not-bad people worked on this good film or show so why should I miss out and they be punished? If it's good, I'm gonna try and watch it at some point.


But do known bad people deserve to be hired? No. Should they be hired? Not if the problem is ongoing and/or there's been no repentance (jail time or a public apology or whatever is called for). But if they are hired and its getting made? Sucks but that's it then.

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