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Mean Girls: The Musical: The Movie: The Trailer


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3 minutes ago, TheLeon said:

It is, as you can tell by the musical note they add to the title at the end of the trailer. 


Man yeah it was such a terrible trailer if it’s a musical because I kept trying to find out while watching it but they just have flashes that look like they could be musical parts but never go as far as to show one actually happen, weird.

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It is such a bizarre way to market this thing. It requires you to know that


A. There was a Mean Girls Broadway musical made a few years ago

B. This is an adaptation of that, not a remake of the original movie


while showing no singing, very little dancing, and instead mostly just showing scenes very closely matching the original movie. 


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I managed to miss this thread along with every other bit of information about this film before my wife took me to see it. I knew there was a new Mean Girls movie, and I think I saw the trailer, but I didn't register that it was a musical, and I had no idea that there was a Broadway musical that this film was adapting. I thought it was a reboot of mean girls, or a legasequal of sorts; something that would call back to the original, but wasn't a complete remake.


I'm also not unfamiliar with musicals that aim to go to broadway. The local La Jolla Playhouse is a place well known for Broadway bound musicals to test the water, and while I don't have season tickets, I've been to quite a few shows.


Watching it with that frame of mind, I came out of the theater thinking that I didn't understand why it was such a straight up remake. Most of the best moments and jokes were straight out of the original, and most were done better then. I also thought that the music needed to be better if they wanted to go to Broadway, and that the moments chosen to do songs were odd and uneven.


Knowing now that it's already been to Broadway is a surprise, but at least it explains why it's just a straight adaptation. It doesn't make it feel any more worthwhile. While nothing in this new film is horrible, it also just doesn't justify itself at all. It's a poor musical and a mediocre remake of a pretty good comedy.

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