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Reacher: Season 2 Dec. 14th on Amazon


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11 hours ago, silentbob said:

Just started watching the first season and i’m 2 episode in so far and I like. Never read the books but always remember him being described like he is on the show now, and how laughable it was for Tom Cruise to portray him. I can see that now and have to agree with the fan on that. 



Yes Cruise was an odd choice but I still enjoyed those movies. 

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So I watched the first 3 eps of season 2, totally on board. The way this show allows scenes to breath in a way not done often in other shows is always a joy to watch. Such a fun show, definitely all aboard the intrigue of how the rest of the season unfurls. Good stuff here!


Nice to have this to look forward to the next number of Friday's ahead (8 episode count for season 2.)

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2 hours ago, Fizzzzle said:

I know I watched the first season, but I don't remember much of it beyond the jail fight scene. Not sure if I'll rewatch the whole thing. Probably not. But I'll watch season 2.

After episode 4, you're gonna be seriously tempted to return to the first season.

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1 hour ago, SoberChef said:

Why is nobody else watching this amazing season of a phenomenal series? I hate we already only have 2 episodes left but damn if it ain't getting GOOD!


I'm certainly interested in watching the show but the truth is, at least for me, that there are too many other shows higher up on my list that I'm even more interested in. I can't even get to Blue Eye Samurai because I'm already on the hook for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Fargo, and For All Mankind week to week currently. What If? season 2 just dropped and that's a nine episode binge. And since I'm a completionist, I'm going to watch the animated, canon Skull Island series since that's the only thing left of the MonsterVerse that I haven't seen. 


Fortunately, January is looking pretty empty for new seasons of shows I'm already on the hook for, so once I'm done What If? and Skull Island I'm hoping to get to Blue Eye Samurai, then Sonny Boy (an anime), then maybe Nicolas Winding Refn's Copenhagen Cowboy or Slow Horses or Yellowjackets or Primal (Tartakovsky), etc. There's Beef, Dark Winds and Reservation Dogs. There's two new Steven Soderbergh shows (Full Circle and Mosaic), I never saw Sam Esmail's (Mr. Robot) show Homecoming as well. I never got to Damien Chazelle's The Eddy and so on. There's just too much out there. :p 


Hell, I haven't even gotten to new shows that are highly praised and regarded that I've barely even heard of like Mrs. Davis, Heartstopper, I'm A Virgo, Shoresy, Somebody Somewhere, The Curse, I Think You Should Leave, Cunk on Earth, and The Other Two, to name just some. Reacher looks good and fun, I do hope to get to it at some point. 

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This S2 Reacher feels like a different character as it seems they needed loose pretenses to do all of the "cool" violence and quips. He's Jack Bauer combined with Punisher, and there were moments that seemed to hint he's "serial" and enjoys killing for killing's sake. And, ironically, so many times Reacher and his friends attacked first based on "assumptions."

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119K likes, 1,897 comments - alanritchson on January 24, 2024: "Sometimes there’s more to lobstah than just ice-cold lobstah! Congrats to those who guessed P..."

The Season 3 book announcement from Reacher himself. I’m almost done with Season 3, with 3 left to go (one hopefully tackled tonight) Liking the quips and nods to past shows/movies they might have been on. Should see if they start filming again in Toronto soon

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