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If you were stranded on an island and a storm was a brewing, would you be able to build shelter for yourself?


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Could I do it? Yes. 


Would it look suspiciously like just placing a large leaf on my head and be remarkably ineffective? Also yes. 







Honestly though I don't know, I guess it would depend on what resources were available to me, what my state of mind was, etc. I'm actually an Eagle Scout and have been backpacking many times so I'd like to think I've picked up some survival skills but it's all a bit rusty at this point. :p

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Okay, unlike you soft pieces of shit, I have watched every single episode of Survivorman, including the director commentaries. I could whip up a lean-to shelter and make a fire from a fire bow with no problem whatsoever. I've seen it done on TV many, many times.


... fucking mooks.

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