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Do you like taking naps?


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22 minutes ago, best3444 said:

I don't think I've taken a nap since nursery school. So roughly 35 years. 

answer his fucking question

He didn't ask when was the last time you took a nap he asked do you like taking naps.

And you wonder why you don't get upvotes smh

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Not really. I find it throws off my sleeping at night which can take multiple days to get back on track. Only time I do is on vacation when I really do have to do anything.

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18 minutes ago, Bacon said:

I can't nap unless I am already in bed. I can't just decide to nap and then I nap, it has to happen by accident which can only happen if I am already in bed and these days I'm only in bed if I'm going to sleep. 

I'm in bed all the time when I'm home because I don't have any other furniture.

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