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The Gray Man featuring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Russo Bros coming to Netflix on July 22

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With the recent news about dipping subscriber numbers and lost revenue, will this be the last “blockbuster” Netflix original we see for a while? If they’re looking to hold onto subs, there has to be better ways of spending a quarter billion dollars. 

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I've been looking forward to this one. The Russo Bros. are good when they have good screenplays to work with, and they've brought Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely from their 4 MCU films to adapt this series of novels, and that's when the Russo Bros. were best. Remember, their other three directed features, Welcome to Collinwood, You Me and Dupree, and the recent Cherry, are all pretty middling films, particularly compared to The Winter Soldier, Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame.

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Well, Netflix's $200M blockbuster is out to middling reviews and almost certainly getting a sequel, anyone else watch it?


I felt like the spectacle was there, but it was just so darn generic in nearly every other way. I couldn't help but feel like if this was a James Bond movie that people would like it better, but if it was a Bond film, at least the lead would have had to have been a bit more charismatic. I like Gosling, and I like his schtick in many films, but this one is so bombastic that I couldn't help but feel he should have been more animated. Chris Evans performance was much more fitting. An over-the-top, showy, nonsensical, character for a movie that could be described the same way.


I don't think this movie is really bad, it just lacks the flair to match its bombast.

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