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Need a graphics card

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OMFG I just checked ebay on some prices of 5 year old cards and... wow.  When the GPU mining crashed last time, I bought a GTX 1060 3GB and RX 470 4GB for well under $100.  Now they're going for $200 or more.


This is bad.  


This is real bad.


The only card I don't have in a system is a half-broken 980 Ti.  It will boot up and handle Windows fine, but gaming is a no go.  Part of the VRM died and I don't have the tools to diagnose or fix it.

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You have to buy an entire prebuilt system now just to get one of these newer GPU's.  Hell, that might be cheaper, lol.


I paid under 400 for my 5700 XT and saw the same one I bought over a year ago listed by someone for 1600 maybe two weeks ago.

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