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Northerners who moved south.


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1 hour ago, CastletonSnob said:

Northerners who moved south, what was your experience?

I went from NY to Florida once and had to stay for a few years until I was able to come back. It was fucking horrible and felt like the asshole and the toilet of America combined.

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15 minutes ago, Bloodporne said:

I'm a city boy I guess and didn't understand what I was getting myself into. Hard to summarize without launching into a book-length tirade. Are you looking to move to FL? From where?

No, just curious.

I'm guessing where you were in Florida wasn't a city?

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I'm planning on moving to the south later this year. The ridiculous humidity doesn't bother me as much as it once did. Spending a few winters in southeast asia will do that to you. I hate the cold far more than I hate humidity now. Just make sure a fan is blowing somewhere and I'm good.

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