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My 10 year D1P cake day.


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I missed it by a day, but I've crossed the 10 year mark on the good ol Badcartridge. 


I don't post anymore, but still pop in from time to time to lurk and read. Soooo, hi! 


Fun facts, I'm a youngin, 26 years old today. I came across this forum God knows how 10 years ago looking for advice on what to buy for my first PC build. Using my 16th birthday money to spark my neverending infatuation with computers and PC Gaming. 


Ended up a frequent poster at one point doing my best to not come off as a lil ol naive kid, not too well of course. 


Learned a lot from here, honestly. Only forum community I've actually ever been apart of, pretty neat. 


Have bought & sold some PC parts/a router to folks on here a few times, which never felt sketchy, really! Sending money to random internet stranger and trusting a product would show up would normally be like, "Ehhhhhh"... But not on good ol D1P. 


A large amount of my PC hardware/troubleshooting knowledge has come from here, with the help of a few specific folks for sure. One guy even went out of the way to have a DM conversation with me and teach me how to overclock, in depth and with me knowing nothing about it. 


Emma Stone was/is my celeb crush, so all my avatars from almost the beginning have been of her, just kinda carried it on. 


Currently working on the trifecta of CompTIA certifications, A+, Network+, and Security+


Not as financially stable at 26 as I'd like to be, but life's good! 


My odd username comes from when I was about 10 years old on Runescape. Blue was my favorite color and monkeys are awesome, and for some reason the number 92 was neat, so it was Blum0nk3y92 for a bit. Till I needed an alt and swapped it to Black, then just liked how the Blk looked more than the Blu. 


Fun stuff! Hope everyone here is well! 


I guess for topic purposes this should be an AMA, so watcha got? 

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Fuck you @Blkm0nk3y92  You think you can just drop by when its convenient or to boast about your anniversary? Either be a part of the community heart and soul or get fucked.




















































































im just kidding emma stone GIF

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