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  1. Bruh I still have your number in my phone from like 8 years ago. If that's still your number. It's like a relic in my contacts.
  2. I missed it by a day, but I've crossed the 10 year mark on the good ol Badcartridge. I don't post anymore, but still pop in from time to time to lurk and read. Soooo, hi! Fun facts, I'm a youngin, 26 years old today. I came across this forum God knows how 10 years ago looking for advice on what to buy for my first PC build. Using my 16th birthday money to spark my neverending infatuation with computers and PC Gaming. Ended up a frequent poster at one point doing my best to not come off as a lil ol naive kid, not too well of course. Learned a
  3. I was avoiding that when brainstorming as well; He doesn't have any apple products, and neither do I except my iPad for work, and not necessarily interested in working this kind of project around them, will consider it, though. And the HTPC idea I had was because I think he would be interested in Plex, and the overall flexibility in what he can do with the system.
  4. Neato. Glad I asked. 😂 My way did sound more fun, tho! Thank you for the replies.
  5. Friend of mine wants to setup a complete audio system for his house with in-ceiling speakers, touchscreen monitor in kitchen for song selections, maybe phone access and/or a monitor in one other room, probably a remote. He asked for my help because I'm the nerd friend. My current skill set/job is networking and camera installation, and he's a very skilled carpenter, money isn't an object as he wants it done perfectly to his tastes. I've done speaker setups before too a receiver for a living room setup, but not something like this. I've also worked in homes that have the insanely expensive smar
  6. LOL. You know what I mean. Could be a handy 3rd monitor, but I don't even have space for that, currently. Tbh I'm using some spare parts to put together a PC for a friend to get into PC Gaming. If you wanna donate it for that, that'd be super appreciated! Yeah I did some looking into them, more or less they seem legit, though. I'll definitely wait to see how it pans out with their first reviews with reputable sources when they ship those. But especially with everything going on this year, I bet their Q3 is gonna get pushed back anywho. Supposedly LG is the panel man
  7. Only have to put down $100 to reserve one of them Eves, too. Tempting.
  8. @Nokt Thanks for taking the time to look around. I had spent an hour or two and glanced around at a few different things the past week, and yeah the ones that I'd really consider are sold out for a bit or the ones that are in stock are being upscaled from availability. I kinda like the idea of taking that ASUS off your hands. Hits the points I was looking for, plus I really like the idea of that Eve one you mentioned... so the ASUS could hold me off till later this year, then I can get something real nice and use that as my second. How much would you like for it?
  9. I've been looking around for a new monitor and struggling to decide for myself. I'm currently on an old LG IPS236V, and its served me well. I've fallen in love with the IPS panel at this point because of it. But I'd like to take a step forward and get at least 144hz at 1440p, and maybe a little lower than 5ms(granted if I can snag another good IPS, 5ms will suit me just fine). So my goals are 27" 1440p 144hz, and lower than 5ms would be a plus, and IPS would also be a plus. But from what I've seen, I'll have to compromise somewhere, the first 3 points are my main concern anywho. My budget is p
  10. Just finished a 6 pack of Dos Equis because I waited too late to go to the liquor store and when I went in there was a line that wrapped around that was a 30+ minute wait so I went to the gas station and ya can't get over 3.2% at gas stations here.
  11. @cusideabelincoln Yeah I figured you'd come up with a compelling argument... I guess I'll hunker down and wait. I should be able to spend more come release as well and get a nice motherboard and a new 144hz monitor. In other news, I have a GTX 760 I can give to someone, since I have Sporks 980ti on the way, my 760 will need a home.
  12. I've been looking at different articles the last hour. Honestly I don't know if its really worth it, much. Do you think the release will affect the price of the 2700 series right away or much? One could always justify waiting will save me money or get me something slightly better... But for example in that article when they compared the gaming on the Ryzen 7 2700X to the Ryzen 7 3800X, it was 21% faster in Overwatch(with a max of 34% on CS:GO, but thats probably at 300FPS at that point), but is going to cost me ~%40 more. Think I'd be better off just paying $280 for the 2700X if I was looking
  13. Already doing so. But nothing wrong with seeing what people have lying around since people upgrade a lot more than I do. And I'm all about taking used PC parts at a discount.
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