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  1. Just finished a 6 pack of Dos Equis because I waited too late to go to the liquor store and when I went in there was a line that wrapped around that was a 30+ minute wait so I went to the gas station and ya can't get over 3.2% at gas stations here.
  2. @cusideabelincoln Yeah I figured you'd come up with a compelling argument... I guess I'll hunker down and wait. I should be able to spend more come release as well and get a nice motherboard and a new 144hz monitor. In other news, I have a GTX 760 I can give to someone, since I have Sporks 980ti on the way, my 760 will need a home.
  3. I've been looking at different articles the last hour. Honestly I don't know if its really worth it, much. Do you think the release will affect the price of the 2700 series right away or much? One could always justify waiting will save me money or get me something slightly better... But for example in that article when they compared the gaming on the Ryzen 7 2700X to the Ryzen 7 3800X, it was 21% faster in Overwatch(with a max of 34% on CS:GO, but thats probably at 300FPS at that point), but is going to cost me ~%40 more. Think I'd be better off just paying $280 for the 2700X if I was looking at a price to value ratio, no? The 3600X is priced at $250, but from what I've read when it comes to streaming and multitasking in general, having the 8 cores is going to be better since most modern games will use up to 6 alone. @cusideabelincoln
  4. Already doing so. But nothing wrong with seeing what people have lying around since people upgrade a lot more than I do. And I'm all about taking used PC parts at a discount.
  5. I'm still using an ~8 year old build for the most part, my first PC built ever. (My first thread here and joining here was to ask for advice on this build, actually. Ahh da memories. ). Started as an AMD Phenom II X4 955, Radeon 6850, 8GB RAM, & 430W Corsair PSU. I upgraded to a 750W PSU & GTX 760 a couple years ago. Got some spare cash right now and figured I'd upgrade my CPU/Mobo finally. Not picky about AMD/Intel. Depending on how much I spend on those I might be in the market for a new GPU as well. Budget is about ~$600 for CPU/Mobo. DDR4 compatible would be neat to future proof a bit.
  6. Well I got the car back... lol. I couldn't afford it when it was only $250 when I got shafted to begin with, so in the midst of my arguments with management it went up $40 a day, up to $950 in which I eventually had to borrow some money to make it happen. I don't wanna get a lawyer at all, if I'm taking this to court I'm going to argue for myself. I've never had to file a lawsuit or been involved in much legally before, but I really feel like I was dicked over here. The only way I could've prevented my car from getting towed since they didn't provide me with a parking pass, was to see the note on my door and go pick one up. I didn't get to see the note till after my car was gone, even if I did see it, I would've only had the time within business hours of the office to go pick it up which limits it even more. The ONLY other warning that was sent to residents was the email 10 days before that doesn't go to my email, and even then, 10 days doesn't even seem like an appropriate amount of time. That's just me being a broken record now, though. Silly question... if there's no "law" they broke, could I still take it to small claims court and argue in front of a judge/jury that it was unfair and maybe convince them to be on my side? What if other residents had a similar experience with the transition? Or could I argue it was towed illegally?(My vehicle matched all the parking stipulations in my signed lease, and it didn't break or fall subject to any of their 'tow' stipulations in it either)
  7. I'm still curious on if there's any kind of legality to protect me on this if you've got anything. I've scoured Google several times with no luck. Even if there's not a law specifically, I feel like any judge that listens to the scenario would understand there's no way residents were given enough time to react. Ended up costing me $950 to get my car out because the apartment manager went on vacation 2 days after the towing starting, one day after my car was towed. I couldn't afford to get it out then because I had just moved here, so I spent a week trying to get ahold of her and discussing it with her assistant and contacting her Regional Manager. Then after a week of countless emails, they conclude because of the email they sent 10 days prior that they sent to my roommate, that they're not at fault at all. The fees went up every day until it got ridiculously high and I ended up having to borrow the money. I'm already mentally prepared to just take the loss, but not before I rule out what my chances would be if I were to take them to court over it. I pay for the parking spot, when I moved in they didn't have a parking permit system, just assigned spots(All the information in my lease about parking/towing/my assigned spot gives them no right to tow my car), then they decided to transfer over to a new parking permit system, they never provided me a parking permit, the only warning I got was an email that was sent to my roommates email, but hes in another state working right now & a note on my door in which my car was towed approximately ~14 hours after. @Greatoneshere
  8. Yupppp. SLC. Good job opportunity. Staying smack dab in the middle of downtown, too.
  9. Got a situation here at my apetment complex I just moved to in Utah, essentially my car was towed from my paid for parking spot because they started to transition to a new parking permit system but they never gave me a parking permit and they're trying to stick me with the fees. The tricky part is they sent out an email 10 days prior to my car being towed saying, "Were passing out parking permits, if you don't get one, come to the office and pick one up". I don't get the emails because the apartment is in my roommates name(though my name is listed as a resident here) but the roommate is in another state working a different job and didn't inform me. The last tricky part is they put a note on my apartment door on May 1st that I wasn't around to receive, and my vehicle was towed may 2nd, less than 24 hours of a physical directly to my apartment notification. Essentially regardless of the email I wasn't aware of, do I have any grounds to argue on that this 9 days wasn't nearly enough time to react(people go on vacation for 10 days all the time), or that not near enough information was provided to residents? What do.
  10. Some killer deals on the Humble Bundle Spring sale right now. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_1_c_springsale_2019_storetile
  11. I felt the same for the first ~30 hours. But really just couldn't stay into it. I liked the plot, characters, gameplay, setting, just about all of it. But the combat started to feel so repetitive/bland, even the boss fights were boring. I got to the first ending and looked up the rest of the plot because I couldn't enjoy the gameplay anymore, I tried so hard though!
  12. Guitar for sure. Soon as you plug it up to your amp and give it a whirl, you'll immediately be satisfied and have no regrets with your decision. The laptop on the other hand... when you're sitting on it bored and procrastinating your work, you'll always be left with the thought of the guitar you could've had.
  13. I come and go like a fart in the wind. But ya'll are da sweetest.
  14. I have @johnny from like 5-6 years ago. Thats it.
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