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  1. Changing Bilbo in the opening flashback scene to Martin Freeman's portrayal should probably be considered at least.
  2. "shit did my wedding ring slip off when grabbing that waitress by the pussy in trump tower or was it the one in mar a lago?"
  3. Wanting to win at any cost for the sake of winning seems like a clear motive he has. Indeed. A positive side to his grift might be how it could end up delegitimizing the platform of the GOP more than anyone's done in recent history. Whatever happens, seems probable there's gonna be debates for some time about the extent of how responsible he is for the culty behaviors and crimes committed in reaction to his influence.
  4. It's still baffling as fuck to me that Trump a) legitimately is so power hungry that he wants to be a supervillain president taking over the world, b) did it all while spouting as much bigoted rhetoric as possible with no care of consequences, including trying to enact policies that are outright gleefully nationalistic, xenophobic, and hilariously over-the-top evil (space force? lmao, Ok Darth Vader) c) thought that anything worthwhile would come of it. What motivates him? It's not the money, since the gig pays less than before and it harms the businesses he already had. It's not to be loved, since the stuff he says could only be appreciated by haters. Judging from the giant skyscrapers with his name in gold letters on it you'd thing a guy like him would care about legacy yet he does pretty much everything imaginable to burn it to the ground. The man is so stupid yet I cannot understand how his mind works at all. What was he hoping to gain out of it? Is it an act, and if so, for what reason? How is trolling and dogwhistling for the luls worth it when it empowers disenfranchised creeps to shatter records for the amount of mass shootings per year? The more you try to understand any of it the more elusive it gets to me. People this evil rarely exist outside of cartoons.
  5. This is one charming ass goose lol. Sucks that the PS4 version is like a year away.
  6. To who's watched it, is it substantially more than an acting reel for Phoenix + comic book movie? Does it pull no punches like Taxi Driver and Fight Club in being a character study of a fucked up person via having a lot to say about its subject, or does it feel like the character study stuff is there mainly to add edge and depth to a Joker origin story if that makes sense?
  7. As I'm playing through this unspoiled and reading files about... now I'm wondering if the story might be revealed to be a Quantum Break sequel or prequel.
  8. It's not that he's attractive now - looking swole DOES make comedians a bit less funny though. Joe Rogan for example was never that funny, but his early days back when he was thin and scrappy were his best as a stand-up because he didn't look like an aggressive bouncer who'd break your neck with ease. An unspoken rule of comedy: the more intimidating and powerful a guy looks, the less funny they're likely to be because the human brain can't feel comfortable enough to laugh while feeling intimidated at the same time.
  9. I mean a main theme of the special is satirizing comedy that punches down, isn't it? And sometimes he tells jokes that apply to some of his own flaws (he's not exactly the most progressive voice on LGBTQ issues lol), making his own ignorance on those subjects the target. I laughed at some of it, cringed sometimes too (mostly it was the intended reaction, I think). Not as good as his earlier stuff, but it was worth a watch. Rightwing haters seem to be loving it for all the wrong reasons as usual and you can't help but wonder to what extent the angrier voices on the left raging over it would find a webcomic like this to be genuinely funny or insightful: Ultimately the new Chappelle seems to be making fun of insensitive humor and those who actually perpetuate it, while also poking fun at anyone who doesn't understand that's what he's trying to do. I have a few critiques about some bits which feel are a bit hacky/antiquated to me, but for the most part I liked it.
  10. If this question is too personal or if for any reason you're not comfortable answering it no worries, but what happened for your situation to result in you being forced to stay with your homophobic family members?
  11. Because it always got the most hype, and did for a long time. Also I'm not just talking about the intentional tutorial sections, but all the moments where the game overexplains the story and quests to you, tells you where to go, what to do, etc. Though I'd agree that most classic 3D zeldas are pretty bad about this.
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