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  1. Are you aware the positions you're taking in this thread mimic those of physicalist logicbro science fandom idjiots who unironically parrot Sam Harris and express takes like, "one mustn't let something so petty as the human emotion obstruct consistent logical thinking" and stuff like that which echos a 19th century "critical thinker's" thesis more than anything relevant now? It's objectively true that every argument you're trying to make in this thread has been dismantled. At no point during your rambling incoherence has a rational thought been expressed. And if you're trolling and don't genuinely believe the things you're spewing, the reason you suck at it is you either don't care or are incapable of knowing how to respect the intelligence and sense of humor of anyone here you're trying to prank, and that basic-ass approach to "satire" and your post history is why you've already been thoroughly rekt on this topic whether you choose to take the L or not ya dork
  2. In b4 Rowling starts retco...I mean revealing some Harry Potter characters were trans all along
  3. Seems like Nolan's back in puzzle movie mode. I still pick up on stuff I missed when rewatching The Prestiege, Memento and Inception. In, baby!
  4. Is it true this show has bombastic setpieces that match the ones in the recent films?
  5. Hopefully Civ 6 if there's ever a change screen size patch. Jedi Fallen Order. Game is still a jankfest, but an enjoyable one and I'm near the end so might as well finish it. Monkey Ball HD until I can finally get past that 6th level in the literal hellscape that is world 7. The difficulty curve in this game is something, holy fuck. MGSV. Never finished this when it was released. Forgot how fun and hogbonkers it's design is, and having half of the latest and best metal gear game yet to play is an amazing feeling right now. Control. The recent patch seems to have improved the framerate dramatically but we'll see.
  6. In highschool I would often tell my dominican/korean girlfriend that I'd do anything for her. There was a exchange a few times where she'd be like "ok wear brownface!" And I'd jokingly respond, "as you command!" Even though it gave us a laugh, whether or not it's considered too edgy or stupid will depend on the person and also how well you can carry the weight/own what you're saying. There can be a time an a place for edgy humor (ideally in reaction to absurdity) , but also, depending on our personal experiences humor tends to get softer as we age anyways. Segueing to your question, pretty sure that line is mostly historical context. Can't speak with total certainty to what extent trans women should claim sharing same the same pain of born women's sufferage (though as they are women I would say it's fine), and even that discussion can vary across racial, religious, cultural and geographic lines, but it seems pretty clear by now that knowing political, subjective and objective truths regarding history, culture, etc both explain why anyone genuinely wanting to be transracial is considered delusional and in bad taste at best, regardless of whatever your personally defined subjective truths are. Ultimately pursuit of objective truths should probably be prioritized when administering justice. Also, a quick google search shows why comparing the horror of blackface/minstrels to gender transition is pretty far removed from reality and explains why you only see recent jokes about it in entertainment via earned satirical commentary, and even that's arguably considered bad taste by today's standards due to how society and culture always change unexpectedly in reaction to various political situations both micro and macro, etc etc. Transdisabled is a new one to me lol, but seems like an easy enough case to crack (Can't help but think right now of the episode of the Simpsons where homer gained like 200 pounds so he can legally work from home). Unless there's a sexual fetish component to it as well? Not sure. TLDR: as long as it a) harms nobody unfairly and b) doesn't mock current understandings of reality itself, it's probably ok. This is why being transgender and changing nationalities is more acceptable than being transracial or that one where you're an adult who wants to literally identify as a child or something (forget what it's called). So yeah, it comes down to subjective and objective truths and how they effect society/become political truths. Prioritizing what is least harmful and most progressive is the balance I would say
  7. make it an affordable airbnb listing and earn some dough while battling poverty and helping to solve problems for travelers
  8. Birds are dinosaurs in the sense that pterosaurs are reptiles. Pterosaurs looked and behaved nothing like reptiles we know today since they filled the same evolutionary niche as birds and bats and even had feather-like fibres and hairs. Dinosaurs as we think of them died out millions of years ago, and dinos started evolving wings and tails meant for flight until they became birds, even if most didn't look like birds back then (paleontological evidence still suggests most dinosaurs, even many carnivores, didn't have feathers). I'm not sure how much debate there might still be over this, but as I understand it birds are dinosaurs for the same reasons why we consider dolphins mammals instead of fish (because they are!). That said, even though birds right now don't quite resemble the dinosaurs that have fascinated us since childhood, it seems chickens becoming dinosaurs as they appeared over 65 million years ago might be 100% true in the near future
  9. An solid argument can be made that Mortal Kombat has the best character designs, but it wasn't until I saw this that I felt genuine hype about character designs in fighting games. Like MK, Tekken has always delivered the cool factor, especially 4 and 5.
  10. The whole "having to remember multiple pronouns is too much and i won't stand for it" argument is such a hilariously stupid hill to die on. He, she, and they will basically cover it for the most part. And when in doubt, just go with they. It's not very difficult to get in the habit of saying they/them for everyone if remembering specific pronouns is too many words for your brain to balance.
  11. I know it's more of a teaser/demo and whatnot, but it's also the scariest game and more of an emotional rollercoaster than most anything I've ever played (or even most horror movies), so ya better believe it's going down as one of my ten favorites of the decade
  12. Sekiro:SDT (possibly Jedi:FO after more patches/updates. Love that game but feels like it needed at least a few months more development time) MGSV The Last Guardian Cuphead Titanfall 2 Prey Control REmake 2 Portal 2 PT
  13. Regardless of how left of center you are, and I say this as a pacifist for the most part (mainly since i can't fight well in person), this entire honkfuck administration should be provoking the "decapitate the one percent in the revolution" leftist energy in anyone with a pulse. Long time coming. Fuck outta here already.
  14. Sounds about right. Much like the white old gods cults in western society, the yakuza/modern samurai mentality is still alive and well over there. That said it will probably inspire a dope Beat Tekeshi movie at some point
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