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  1. It's not much to go on, but Tarantino's writing/directing credit and having just witnessed what might be the most on point portrayal of Bruce Lee in a film alone have got me hyped enough to see it. Four months, baby! What I thought at first too, but considering how few plot details it has, describing it as teaser trailer makes enough sense.
  2. While I'm an animal-lover as well, one bit of perspective we might be overlooking is how in several places in wilderness some animal populations can grow out of control and disrupt ecosystems (this is often the case with feral pigs near texas ranches), destroy crops, or attack and kill livestock or even family pets, so there are for sure some instances where hunting an animal for no other reason than to hunt it, even possibly even enjoying it while doing it, can be ethical imo, but overall I agree. EDIT: nevermind, you've already made this point earlier ITT!
  3. This guy's got my troll sense tingling like crazy lol. I'm not entirely sure if they're being honest or if their posts are an attempt to be a parody of who they seem to be, but no use in giving them the benefit of the doubt just yet and unless there's a hilarious and insightful punchline moment they're building towards, poe's law should probably dictate either it's shitty basic bitch trolling and/or they are being genuine with their stupidity and delusion. The problem is that "I'm a responsible gun owner" tends to be a subjective statement that's often challenging to quantify. There are lots of hot-headed good old boys from small towns that agree with several things you're saying in this thread who join police forces with subconscious biases against human beings with differing ethnicities and are given legal permission to use their weapons in split second life or death situations, for example. Like you said, people can be dangerous. And, uh, yes, guns are powerful weapons soooo they're also dangerous and are what make people with impaired judgement of any kind MORE dangerous. Your child lacks the adult-level critical thinking and reactive training skills to use a firearm properly because they are a child. And anyone with a cable TV and/or internet connection should know by now that several ADULTS lack those skills too for fucks sake. One of many examples of things that can go wrong: Your child might not just shoot a tree, but shoot through the branches and put a bullet hole in the cheek of the person 150 yards away located behind a bush that you and your kid didn't see. It's fucking baffling to me that anyone would want someone, a person with undeveloped emotional intelligence and reliable reactive thinking and problem solving skills no less, to be allowed to have a gun in their hands for shooting anything in the real world, even under supervision. There's a reason why part of the process for legally obtaining firearms involves weapons training courses, and even those are arguably more lenient than they should be. I'm sorry but not sorry that calling you out on this seems to offending you/putting you on defense, but I've displayed more thoughtfulness in articulating my political stance on this than you, and have dismantled most of your dumb reasoning so I'm going to remain on this hill and continue taking this stance. Hopefully on a hill far away from your ranch so your kid or an idiot like you don't accidentally kill me while I'm standing on it.
  4. It's baffling and hilarious. In the footage of her I saw she speaks in a very forced unnaturally deep voice. Why!? You put so much effort into the con and you're doing all these next level jedi mind tricks while at the same time speaking in a cartoon voice when you could just be talking normally That seems most likely to me as well. It was possibly a psychology/social game she was playing to avoid boredom. Raising the stakes to see if anyone noticed, ego blinding her and making her think nobody would.
  5. Freshman year in highschool. We were hitting it off in class from day one. Everyone's introducing ouselves. She says her name is Laura and with noticeable anger and frustration expresses to never call her Lara. We end up talking, talking leads to flirting, and flirting leads to exchanging numbers. She calls me the next day and we decide to go see Teaching Ms. Tingle at the Cinemark. We each invite a close friend to help ensure things don't get awkward and to have someone there to vouch for us. As we walk in the theater a sudden chill goes down my spine and sends shockwaves through my body as I realize it - "What is this girls name again?" We talk through the entirety of the movie. Old people who like bad movies are mad at us. As we're walking out of the theater I STILL can't remember her name so I continue using phrasing that helps me avoid having to say her name. We grab a bite to eat and the entire time I'm hoping and praying I don't get called out on it. I couldn't remember if her name was Laura, Lara, or Lauren. I felt like a massive idiot, understandably. Why is my shitty memory sabotaging me? How could it be so hard to remember someone's name? The date ends, and I pulled it off. We say our goodbyes at the theater and I'm cheering to myself in the car ride home. As I drift to sleep I have the most amazing, ecstatic dreams about going back to class monday to see her. Daydreams of listening to her name during roll call. Nailed it. The next morning (Sunday), as I wake up I suddenly remember it! Her name is definitely Laura. I get a phone call. It's Laura. I say, "Hi Laura, how are you?" We talk for a couple of hours. I ask if she would let me borrow her Blink 182 CD. She says sure. I say "Thanks Lauren" as a feeling of horror in reaction to the freudslip sends shockwaves through my body. That was our first and last date (though we were still friends for several years afterwards).
  6. To clarify, at the end of the day where I'm coming from is this: I think it's possible to enjoy exploring the natural world without any plans/intent of taking on the added risk of bringing weapons for the purpose of shooting animals for sport, and having the opinion that this is preferable to spending outdoors time via hunting is neither wrong, nor as weird as wanting to let children shoot guns. This is a bad argument. It only takes a five minute google search to prove there are several hunting accidents, sometimes involving children, that happen, and your "only the city types are the sociopathic shooters" reasoning has no backing at all. There are multiple incidents of people living in/coming from rural areas killing people via guns, intentional or otherwise, and it's pretty dumb to deny that. I get how there can be a thrill in hunting game and that it can be a bonding experience with friends and family, but saying there isn't an element of risk to the lives of humans while using boomsticks is just false, buddy. It's your hobby and a tradition, possibly a food source, and if you want to ignore there's an inherent danger/risk involved in using any using tools designed for violence you have the freedom to take that stance, but it's just a weird hill to want to die on and not a very logical statement to make.
  7. I mean, we both talk about dinosaurs sometimes? lmao. I guess gfxtwin has a monopoly on paleontology talk on this board, eh? Well exqueeze me. Ok, secrets starting to leak, so I'll just say it. Biggie is in fact another account of mine, or was. The truth is that Biggie is a constructed AI algorithm which I designed for the purpose of automatically generating exceptionally compassionate and insightful replies to everyone here when I couldn't think of any. He was to be loosely based on the combined perspectives of Paul McCartney, Stephen Hawking, Barack Obama, Marie Curie and for some spice, a tiny smidge of Archie Bunker to help add more flaws for relatability and tone down some of the uncanny valley effect that would occur if someone with similar intellectual and emotional alignments as theirs posted on a gaming board. In retrospect there seems to have been a miscalculation. Complicating matters further, at some point the biggie account changed its password on its own to prevent me from making any adjustments. However, there's a chance that some of the biggietron300 AI's self-learning programming could still be active and function properly, maybe even better than intended. It's possible biggie may one day be posting the most enlightened replies on D1P, if not all of the internet.
  8. Most of the DCEU's lack of success stems from dumb creative decisions, doesn't it? The mishandling of Superman vs. Batman, the Hot Topic aesthetic of Suicide Squad, the lack of character/story/dialogue writing that can hold a candle to Marvel's EU. If not for the success of a few movies like WW and AM, I'd say the obvious thing to do is starting from second one again with a complete reboot/reimagining, just as if it were any other superhero franchise, but it's not that easy.
  9. I've posted here for a while, just not under this username. Nobody's calling you a gun nut, relax buddy. And as someone who's also fond nature and animals, I get how there's an understandable appeal of venturing into the natural world, taking in the wonder of it and the beautiful, majestic wildlife (and, in your case, putting some bullets in them), and that in the bigger picture hunting can be more ethical than getting your protein from places like mcdonalds. As an individual, you and fam might be responsible gun owners, sure, but I think it's odd that I made such a precise argument for why literally putting boomsticks in the hands of children - humans who severely lack the emotional, mental, and physiological maturity to not allow for something to go wrong - is just not a very smart action, tradition or not, supervised or not. Even if the parent is holding and aiming the firearm and only allowing the child to pull the trigger, I have to be bluntly honest and say it's just kinda weird to me considering how many things can still go wrong and that I find nothing appealing at all about guns or shooting them. But imo this disagreement shouldn't need to go much further than that because a) even though my stance and reasoning for it is pretty solid, I have no interest in judging how responsible of a gun owner you are or aren't and b) it would probably end up morphing into a debate about gun control in America, which imo is ultimately not the most productive argument to have unless it's with an actual nut to convince them of never owning guns, since the possibility of there being much success in decreasing gun violence via limiting the circulation of firearms/preventing them from getting into the wrong hands clearly seems unlikely at this point. Best case scenario is probably passing stricter gun laws and over time hope for the best. Anywho, happy shooting.
  10. You'll have to forgive me for my sins fellas but it's pretty confusing to someone who isn't following any movie or TV media about DC Comics that isn't Legends of Tomorrow. I just know there are now self-contained movies based on DC characters, direct sequels to Snyder's DCEU using the same actors that are still in production, sequels which will be using new actors, and now sequels reboots staring mostly the same cast but have nothing to do with the DCEU? It seems like a clusterfuck.
  11. Well even though you've become more forward thinking than your folks and I feel for you not having control over participating in some of the traditions where you grew up before going on to better yourself.... ignoring children for a sec, there's obviously more than enough examples of teens and adults alone using guns against other humans intentionally as well as simply lacking competency at being careful/responsible w/ them that the idea of wanting to hand death weapons over to people who's emotions, personalities, physiological control and understandings of life are far from developed is kind of insane, don't you think? Some traditions are common but that doesn't make them any less absurd, wouldn't you say?
  12. Lmao, at risk of sounding like a typical libtard elitist who cares not for the common man, doesn't the fact that this guy literally wants to give death weapons to middle school-aged children kinda say enough about his critical thinking skills and how forward thinking his views on this topic are?
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