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  1. Lesser folks like to deride single player games as endeavours of non consequence. Here lies mutliplayer pvp, whether COD, chess, sports, or even uno, the exact parameter of success is to dominate your fellow participant. This is a tragic retelling of the toxic heart of the human soul, reptilian and entirely of spinal reflex. It's a prerogative of making lesser people of your opponents, and that victory must be wrested from your fellow man. Single player games, on the other hand provide a point of mortal danger, and within these difficult scenarios, we witness friendships blooming, families and loved ones holding dear an tight to each other. And what truer mission is there to the human condition. We must dissent against the games of segregation, and invite a coalition of those who care as much as you do about the fate of the world. So the antagonist isn't man, but powers that threaten to tear us apart. This is how heroes are made. Through mutual agreement and taking care of each other, our heroes overcome impossible odds, find themselves in impossible situations, but there's always hope, the possibility of progression, so the great evil may be smote, and the lands can finally celebrate away. Because this is the true essence of heroism, the personal input against an enemy that covets the human spirit. And videogames teach you to meet and surpass what was thought once impossible. We're not enemies, both you and I. And together we can slay that dragon, cancer.
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