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  1. Only reason they are in bars in Nevada is so people can smoke in bars.
  2. Yes, you survive as an MLB team this time. But we'll get you next time Astros... Next time.
  3. Come on @sblfilms you guys were to keep us as bad as Baltimore. You should be forced to forfeit the division and be demoted to being a AA club if you lose to the worst road team in baseball today.
  4. My county commissioners voted last night to end community testing. You know in while the county is seeing it largest surge since Thanksgiving/Christmas. General consensus around town from people is "Well now the numbers will go down and we can get back to normal." Sky is blue, water is wet, rural conservatives are stupid.
  5. The simple fact that it required any sort of government response is too damn much. Also fuck religion. Pastor says donate to his church to get a religious exemption for vaccines - The Washington Post WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM The pastor is a 29-year-old small-business owner running in the Republican primary challenge to Sen. James Lankford (Okla.) in 2022.
  6. If this was anyone else than someone famous on twitter spouting this bullshit, it would be ignored. But because this person influences her drones of followers we need to waste government resources on this. What if next week Taylor Swift tweets out that a friend of a friend's great aunt got a pimple on their forehead after getting vaccinated? This country is so fucked beyond repair.
  7. My county in Nevada had 20% of its new COVID related deaths happen on Monday and Tuesday. I got blocked by our county's emergency management for saying at this point I can't feel sorry for anyone that is hospitalized or dies as they is a way to mitigate this.
  8. @chakoo A fellow connoisseur of Musou games. I don't know what it is but I keep buying them even if they are the same thing with different paint. Newest pick-up for me.
  9. That can't be a real person. I mean Swallow Prior, and it is a Karen. I feel like somebody is pulling a fast one of the NYT.
  10. Hire some on calls to get yourself over the threshold. I'm sure there are people out there willing to do something like that to get more vaxed.
  11. I got kicked out of one of the groups from the town my wife works in for the follow comment made in a post bitching and threatening the teachers that enforce the mandate.
  12. The district my wife works in is being forced by the county and the state to mask. There is now over 900 "exclusions" within the district. Parents of course are tossing a hissy and my wife is now worried about going in due to threats being lobbed at the schools. This is from a county that in the last week has had 4 COVID deaths and a hospital that is over-capacity. This same county has not had more than 1 death in a weeks time period.
  13. Wife finally got her test results back, thankfully negative. But the cycle continues anew as she returned to work today.
  14. Hey got to keep the coloured in poverty somehow. What better why then to disguise racism as a religious belief.
  15. Didn't one of their school district's superintendent just get fired for not going along with the school boards anti-mask bullshit?
  16. @mclumber1The rurals are just being horrid. Part of me feels sad, but this is what they want so my sympathy for when they turn around like they are doing right now and bitching that the district didn't do enough to protect their child(ren) is almost not there. I do feel sorry for the children that are being used as pawns from their parents brainwashing by the anti-vax/anti-mask social commentary going on. I feel sorry for the teens that want a vax I have seen in the town, but their parents won't sign off on it. I feel bad for the kids like the student in my wife's class that want everyone to be safe but are threatened with punishment by the parents if they wear a mask. In the case of Elko county I feel for the board members and staff that want to keep kids safe but where driven out by threats.
  17. Nearly 300 students and staff are out at my wife's district. Someone did the numbers and that is almost 20% of the total district. Of course what is the district doing? Doubling down on not requiring mask (against the state mandate that is there are 2 positives in a 14 period that masks are required) and telling parents it is ok to not test their child if they are sent home. My wife is currently awaiting results of tests as she had to go to the doctor's today due to her asthma and the wildfire smoke in the air.
  18. I seen that Phish postponed their Tahoe show due to Caldor. Sadly all I could think was, "Doesn't Phish normally play in smokier conditions than this." If I believed in hell I would be going there.
  19. I really wish these releases (while I respect the keeping with pixel art) were more done in the PSP FF I and 2 style.
  20. So masks, except for things that things that expel an increased amount of exhalation.
  21. Local COVID-19 Activity has Increased - Hospital Overcapacity - The Fallon Post WWW.THEFALLONPOST.ORG This is county that my wife works in the schools. This was posted on the community facebook page and people were being told that if they just take ivermectin they will avoid getting covid. As of right now the facebook group is down pending review.
  22. Here is a pic of the smoke plume that has been slowly pushing toward our town. When the winds switch here in a few hours this will be all over us here.
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