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  1. It already is at 11. They will have to build a new amp if that happens.
  2. This last evening I spotted some smoke while there were thunderstorms in the area coming over the mountain that runs just to the West of us. Poking around the cameras it does seem that our town has a small (and hopefully it stays that way) wildfire on the other side of said mountains. This would be roughly 7-10ish miles away as the bird flies.
  3. Related, it has been interesting seeing the updates from the makers of Everdrives for the retro market has they have kept going and shipping them out in all this.
  4. If his or Nancy's trip wasn't anything more than a photo op for an election cycle I might care that either of them went.
  5. I remember seeing The Offspring years ago and leaving thinking that they were the definition of studio band.
  6. A bit early still but I'm going to go ahead and say that Brent Strom was the best signing of the offseason.
  7. I mean would that surprise you if it were the case? "Well, they are born. They don't need nutrition. And if they die we can toss the parents asses in prison."
  8. I mean is that the "reason" a couple of male senator voted from the coat room on the confirmation hearing for KBJ. Is because the dress code required them to wear a tie. Maybe Lindsey should have just walked out on the floor in a mini-skirt and a plunging neckline to avoid the dress code.
  9. I just rewatched that episode about 2 weeks ago and the build up to that scene is just amazing.
  10. Nevermind the chest protector with the very clear "PRESS" emblazoned on it for the sniper to see and think "Well hot damn there is a hostile target."
  11. I keep telling my son that it isn't possible for the Russian military to look worse than <insert previous stupid thing here>, yet here we are...
  12. Some call it failure. The Russians call it creative bridge building.
  13. I'm sure that this was a complete accident that they didn't mean to let get out into the public view. Next time they will be more discrete and make sure to eliminate all witnesses.
  14. See that is different it the Righteous Right showing they are willing to sacrifice a woman for the chance to save millions of parasites.
  15. Yes. I caught it from my son, who caught it from an unvaccinated coworker that bypassed the screening protocols while she was coughing and running a fever because she didn't believe that COVID was real, in the hospital he works. While my son had mild symptoms, he had to monitor me for a few nights as he thought we would have to go to the ER.
  16. It is the Mets. Paying for old players that don't play for them is kind of their thing.
  17. There has to be a political cartoonist out there somewhere with the balls to draw Bennett sucking off a Russian bear while Uncle Sam sits in a chair watching with sacks of cash for Israel around him.
  18. Yeah, such a bs thing by the ump. I'm sure somehow Madison will draw the ire of the Commissioner's Office and get a short suspension or some bull fine.
  19. I'm not one for watching snuff videos but all I could hear in my head was the old Unreal Tournament announcer.
  20. I picked up the 2TB version for mine. For PS4 games I have a 4TB external. I am hoping between the 2 and the default drive it should last for a little bit.
  21. Hey, as a D-Backs fan I resent this tweet. Every one of our pitchers are capable of throwing 100+ mph... as they are driving away from the stadium and tossing something out the window after another loss.
  22. This is a widespread problem in this country. The citizens in the county to the North of me are fighting tooth and nail over a much needed apartment complex because it will "urbanize" their rural community. While in the same breathe argue that $1400/month that people are currently charging for a room in their homes is outrageous. Or that the number of people living at the RV parks in travel trailers is a shame to the county.
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