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  1. I'm waiting for Omicron to get a mutation that will re-up COVID's death game. Seems like the perfect variant at this point to put us in a proper fucked state.
  2. I Expect You to Die and it's sequel are a ton of fun.
  3. One of our local tribal police died this weekend from covid. The other that was sick is starting to get better and should be back soon. That leaves our tribal police with 2 units when he comes back on duty.
  4. I had a Dreamscreen back in the day and then when I went to change over to 4k tv I found out the company went out of business. Their take on this concept still look far superior over what I see out there now, sadly. It just used an HDMI splitter to feed a box the a signal that gave the lights a direct feed to what was on the screen. No camera or other bullshit.
  5. Finally got a PS5 via Newegg's shuffle and pull the trigger on this for it on Amazon. Now I just wait for that to arrive, my wife to see it and decide that it is a xmas gift and that whole bullshit holiday to come and go.
  6. Yeah the shit eating grin on our number 2's face when it said that was worth being there for.
  7. My office is waiting for the supposed walk-out of civilian base employees who don't want to get shots to fill applications and be told that in order to start they have to have all their shots up to date as we deal with all sorts of dirty people. It is just going to be comedy gold.
  8. Still haven't received my test results back after a full week of work, but was informed that I needed to go get my booster... I hate everything.
  9. They work anywhere. But that is the excuse that we keep hearing here on we have to prove more so due to our legalized sports gambling.
  10. Still have received my PCR test results back and am due back into work this morning. Took the test on Friday the 19th. Judging by our county's number and how we are informed about our flag indicators, it looks like the hospital is trying to game the system and stagger how they send in tests. Which is funny because the doctor's are told not to order tests unless they suspect a positive case.
  11. I'm sure the state of Nevada will be suckered convinced into paying for another venue because we want to prove that pro-sports leagues work here still.
  12. Insurance is general is a bit of a mess. They sure love to take you premiums but will fight tooth and nail if you need them to pay out.
  13. I am feeling better. So is my son. Just an observation but my wife had her booster and didn't get infected while my son and I have not received it and both got sick. Just saying the booster might be all that it is cracked up to be for those that received their initial doses back in February/March of the year.
  14. Where I live (high mountain desert) we can have winter and summer in the same hour. Winters here are generally are cold, breezy and have short bursts of snow. Summers are hot, dry and, mainly in July, violent storms. Autumn and spring are generally the same beast in different directions. Both can be wet and both have winds that range from 30-120mph depending on if we catch either weather system from the North or South of our location.
  15. I'm betting they ate overcooked leather that they refer to as steak and drown it in ketchup. So in theory covid is doing them a favor.
  16. Alright capitol police offices families that lives have been lost through connections to Jan 6th. Here is your moment, sue the ever loving hell out of all the media celebrities that have called the event staged and false flag.
  17. Nope it is a badge of pride to their ilk. He was livestreaming it to his podcast. They can all be given the death penalty and somehow act like they are in the right while being injected.
  18. The last couple of days have been rough. Day before yesterday I sat a majority with no fever but just pouring out sweat. That night when doing vitals check, my oxygen levels dropped to the low 90s we decided best to monitor every half hour, it stay there for about 4-5 hours. Yesterday wasn't as bad except that had no energy to do anything and around 5ish just crashed and slept until this morning. My son said he checked on me and vitals were fine last night. Must have been from the previous day my body just was like no more. Seriously if this is what is was like for me while vaccinated, I am not sure I want to know if I wasn't. Today so far I'm feeling pretty good, a stray cough about once an hour or so, vitals all normal. So here is hoping that the worst is behind. Also side note, I'm a bit pissed that here my son and I am following all the rule of quarantining and whatnot set forth by our jobs and health department, when the bitch that gave it to my son shown up to work at a hospital with a fever and coughing, intentionally bypassed the screener station and worked in her area without a mask after being told that she was positive but not informing her work. But, she won't get punished for doing any of that. Utter fucking bullshit.
  19. It really is. As bad as Mike Butcher was as pitching coach I never thought it could get worse with Herges. Strom has a bit of bad learning to undo but if anyone can get things righted I believe they found the right man for the job.
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