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  1. I mean I was going down the list of all 10s and 9s and see an 8.5 pretty low in respect to the other scores
  2. If you go to a doctor they might give you a suppository!
  3. Well sending in an unban request was the only way to GET unbanned so naturally a mod would tell you how long you were banned for and what you were banned for.
  4. New Pain of Salvation. Looks like Gildenlow has been taking this quarantine time to work out eh @Greatoneshere?
  5. I know it's all personal opinion but for what it's worth Alex said that the differences between the two performances isn't as pronounced as the previous games.
  6. This is really mostly an N64 problem. Playstation games don't look amazing but they don't look horrible either, plus they have textures!
  7. I'm in Carlsbad and I started smelling it last night. I was wondering what it was. I guess it's this ship.
  8. I made Sanborn jelly with my picture But last time I went the only cup of ramen they had was the "Tradition" ramen and I am not a fan.
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