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  1. Heck check out that tweet by Nintendo that ended up with all the responses about Hong Kong.
  2. Maybe we just haven't gotten friendly enough.
  3. She doesn’t really do anything now but no one noticed enough to stop paying her
  4. I was originally trolling but I love you two too much to keep it up 💕 (Still, The Host did nothing for me though )
  5. Oh he's the guy who did the host. I guess I'll pass on Parasite then!
  6. The world will be better off when all Dead Heads are 6ft red?
  7. Probably something robot related, like Drones or something.
  8. I really dislike how Aikman equates length of time in the league to talent. To him Matt Moore is a 12 year vet so he should be good. But he is okay at best and if he was really any good he'd be a starter.
  9. Fanatical has this for 27% off ($29.19) if anyone is interested.
  10. The instrumental version is out now! https://illyria.bandcamp.com/album/the-carpathian-summit-instrumental-edition @Emblazon
  11. Gonna be a lot of scoring in this game, at least judging from the first two possessions.
  12. Well I see most people caring about Rams if there is caring. Chargers might as well not exist.
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