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  1. It’s too bad that Korean culture didn’t catch on here. We could all be worshipping our noonas instead of animes am I right @thewhyteboar?
  2. It's because Americans love dogs so they would rather not have the authentic Chinese food experience.
  3. Ending an argument by restarting another one. Pro move!
  4. You're an absolute moron if you think this is going to happen. Bioware makes EA all the moneys! </apoc> Sad thing is this was an actual interaction with him after posting the same comic a number of years ago.
  5. Dumb article. Miku isn't an anime character she's a vocaloid.
  6. For 2 days the Forza 6 complete add ons DLC is 95% off, it's $5 down from $100. So you could get the game for free and all the DLC for 5 bucks.
  7. There is a suicide prevention hotline next to the railroad crossings around here but I can't remember the number. 988 seems to be very memorable.
  8. That's the switch tax, and remastering being "real, real good" on a switch, lol.
  9. I remember being a playstation underground member and there was some kind of challenge where you slowly built a character and this turned out to be it. How, disappointed I was.
  10. The kid could have been black Max Payne and done a bullet time dive and turned around mid air and shot back at the cop!
  11. You have to remember when the colonists first arrived they had no flour, they were introduced to maize first so naturally all the tortillas they made would be corn so that's why Americans have hard shell tacos instead of soft tacos.
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